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Over the past few years, the market for jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds has steadily increased. According to studies and forecasts, the market will expand over the coming years. Since higher-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry first became available to the general public about five years ago, production technology has significantly advanced. Also, the number of sellers has greatly increased, and numerous retailers have started to experiment and, in a few cases, completely embrace the novel creation. Also, since then, industry players have been divided into groups with more focused business strategy goals, such as low-cost lab-grown diamond jewelry, applications for supermaterials outside of the jewelry industry, or carbon-neutral diamonds. Let us understand some growing patterns of lab-grown diamond jewelry in the market.

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Market Forecast to Nearly Double in Proportions by 2025

Over the past few years, the market for jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds has steadily increased. According to studies and forecasts, the market will expand over the coming years.

Since higher-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry first became available to the general public about five years ago, production technology has significantly advanced. Also, the number of sellers has greatly increased, and numerous retailers have started to experiment and, in a few cases, completely embrace the novel creation.

Also, since then, industry players have been divided into groups with more focused business strategy goals, such as low-cost lab-grown diamond jewelry, applications for supermaterials outside of the jewelry industry, or carbon-neutral diamonds.

Let us understand some growing patterns of lab-grown diamond jewelry in the market.

Estimate growing patterns of the artificial diamond jewelry market


Future fashion jewelry will primarily be made using lab-grown diamonds.

According to estimates, the number of manufacturers in India has increased quickly due to relative cost advantages in the nation. Businesses learn subsidized energy, i.e., the most significant varying cost for makers of best lab-grown diamond jewelry and local permit to the sector’s most prominent manufacturing epicenter.

In order to compete with more contemporary CVD diamond jewelry (Chemical Vapor Deposition) manufacturing techniques, many heritage high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) high-capacity, firms in China are continuing to improve their production technology.

There is a noticeable price difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds at the lower stop of the lab-grown diamond jewelry industry. Many buyers are selecting lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds for this reason. Hence, people prefer to buy diamond jewelry online.

In the long term, it is anticipated that the most rapid expansion for lab-grown diamonds will come from new and developing industrial applications, such as semiconductors, medical devices, advanced thermal management technology, and energy storage. These sectors are estimated to be worth nearly half a trillion dollars.

The price difference represents the best lab-grown diamond jewelry’s “discount” in comparison to a genuine diamond of comparable size and grade.

Due to the likelihood that lab-created diamond companies may use branding and other methods, marketing efforts may concentrate on cheaper artificial diamond jewelry, which would compete less with more expensive genuine diamond products.

It is evident that the demand for such artificial diamond jewelry is increasing day by day. Let us dive in deeper to see what all are the factors that are responsible for this massive increasing demand.

Factors behind the massive increase in the lab-grown diamond industry


Consumers have increasingly purchased lab-grown diamond rings instead of natural ones in the past few years. Customers are increasingly willing to investigate various types of jewelry made using lab-created diamonds.

Even though the market for jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds represents a very modest portion of the overall diamond business—which also includes mined and synthetic diamonds—it is growing steadily.

Customer preference for lab-grown diamond jewelry, rings, and other sustainable best jewelry online is increasing significantly. Swift adaptation by diamond businesses and merchants to meet this expanding consumer preference, the affordability of lab diamonds, as well as an overall rise in conscious consumerism around the world are the main drivers of this development.

Customers are looking for substitutes for mined diamonds in anything from earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. This fad has also gained momentum thanks to celebrities endorsing and promoting lab-grown diamond jewelry at red-carpet events.

Lab diamonds are employed in the industrial sector as well. However, the usage of lab-grown diamonds for various types of jewelry is much more common than the use of diamonds for industrial purposes.

Best lab-grown diamond jewelry – a new-generation trend!


As more people learn about lab-created diamonds, they realize how strikingly similar they are to naturally mined diamonds.

People have found it less difficult to switch to lab-created diamonds due to similarities between their physical, chemical, and visual features and those of mined diamonds. Additionally, the affordability and cost-effectiveness of the best lab-grown diamond jewelry have fanned the flames!

A rare thousand shiny carats of lab-grown diamonds were produced annually for jewelry use only four or five years ago. By 2022, that output will have expanded to about three to four million polished carats, with a value of nearly $2 billion.

By 2025, it’s predicted that two billion dollars will rise to four billion. As the market for the best diamond jewelry online expands, manufacturers of artificial diamonds choose various strategies to create and market their goods.

According to a recent study, the market share of jewelry manufactured with lab-grown diamonds has increased as more individuals opt to purchase these stones due to their affordable and cost-efficient prices.

Simply put, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable and of the same quality as naturally-occurring diamonds of a larger carat. However, buying a larger-carat natural diamond is likely out of your price range.

Although it is expected that most businesses will employ effective marketing techniques to position their lab-grown diamond jewelry as the highest quality available. Also, it is anticipated that these artificial diamonds will be promoted more as “fashion jewelry ” in the upcoming years.”

Artificial diamond jewelry – an advancement of technology!


Diamond makers have been continuously modifying their procedures to take advantage of new technologies, despite the fact that there are only two primary methods for creating diamonds in laboratories—the HPHT and CVD. As a result, fine diamonds have been produced.

Additionally, customers can order custom diamonds. For instance, it is feasible for a buyer to compose a piece of CVD diamond jewelry with a specific carat, size, and brightness.

The pandemic harmed the best-lab diamond jewelry online industry, much like it did in most other sectors. The causes include supply chain disruptions and customers’ limited purchasing power.

The pandemic-induced closure of brick-and-mortar shops resulted in a rise in internet channels and platforms for selling and buying lab diamonds and jewelry made with lab-produced diamonds.

The post-pandemic market has witnessed a higher focus on sustainable manufacturing of lab diamonds due to a preference for more environmentally friendly options across industries, including diamonds.

In conclusion

Recent statistics indicate a growth in the market, whether it be for lab-grown diamond jewelry or their application in manufacturing. And there are other variables that are combining to favor the best lab diamond jewelry, including growing consumer demand for sustainable diamonds, advancements in the science of grown diamonds, and a switch to lab-grown diamonds by major diamond merchants and manufacturers. All of these elements have come together to move the lab diamond business in the correct way.

Best Lab-Grown Diamonds - Where to Buy Online in 2022

Best Lab-Grown Diamonds – Where to Buy Online in 2022

Since there is no mining associated and many businesses produce these stones using renewable energy, there are no emissions, which is perhaps the largest benefit of selecting lab-grown diamonds over the conventional alternative for buying fresh stones. 

The ability to stretch your budget further without necessarily compromising on quality is another advantage of lab-grown diamonds.

There are many things to think about while purchasing the best lab-grown diamonds, from the shape, setting, and ring to the jewellers and stores who make them.

There are so many options available nowadays to buy lab-grown diamonds. Particularly popular lately are online merchants. You won’t be dissatisfied with your choices because of the variety of designs, forms, production techniques, customization possibilities, and total prices available.

Before suggesting you the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds online, let us first understand what is the reason behind the popularity of lab-grown and their benefits.

Reasons To Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

When held up to the light, diamonds that are created in laboratories and those that are mined naturally have identical appearances to the human eye.

Using technology that mimics the growth of natural diamonds, a lab-grown diamond is produced inside the lab. The result is an artificial diamond that, in terms of chemistry, physics, and optics, is identical to real diamonds.

Naturally mined diamonds have a much longer history on the market than lab-grown diamonds. Still, selecting the best lab-grown diamonds has a tonne of monetary and long-term advantages.

Following are the advantages of buying a lab-grown diamond over the mined one.

They are comparatively more cost-effective than the mined ones. As the mined ones need more labor work and processes, they are costlier.

They are environmentally friendly. Each lab-grown diamond is created using technology that mimics the formation of a natural diamond and requires less energy than mining for diamonds.

For centuries, women have placed great value on diamond jewellery. Diamond jewellery offers a wide variety of categories from which you can select the best. 

In India, there are lots of jewellery companies that market their high-quality lab-grown diamond products. 

Only a select few, however, can back it up with the highest levels of client satisfaction and the highest-grade best lab-grown diamonds.

Many consumers find it challenging to purchase lab-created diamonds because they lack confidence as a result of their lack of stone understanding.

We’ll make it simple for you to make a decision regarding where to get lab-grown diamonds, whether you wish to do so for yourself, your clients, or as a present.

If you go with our recommendation, Rahi Impex is the best and most trusted place to buy lab-grown diamonds online. We will give you enough reasons supporting our recommendations to build your trust.

Why buy lab-grown diamonds with Rahi Impex?

Rahiimpex has tried and tested strategies to produce amazing best lab-grown diamonds for their devoted consumers using years of knowledge in the diamond production industry. 

From synthetic diamonds and CVD diamonds to stunning customised lab-grown diamonds, Rahi Impex provides a variety of lab-created diamonds. The 4Cs—cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight—are given first importance while creating lab-grown diamonds using clear-cut technology. 

They are one of the most renowned lab-grown diamond producers in India not only because of the brilliant quality of the diamonds they produce but also because of the first-rate service they provide.

Additionally, the company works to provide the best lab-grown diamonds at the most competitive pricing.

In conclusion

In this fast-growing online market, there’s no need to look around from store to store for lab-grown diamonds that meet your budget and style or to stress about safely transporting your jewellery home in a box. 

Without any doubt, just hop onto Rahi Impex’s website and buy the best quality lab-grown diamonds online.


Lab Grown Diamonds Have A Bright Future In The Indian Jewelry Industry

Lab Grown Diamonds Have A Bright Future In The Indian Jewelry Industry

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds is on the rise, and many individuals now favor them over naturally occurring diamonds.

There has recently been a steady rise in the number of individuals worldwide choosing lab-grown diamond jewellery, whether due to economic savings or environmental awareness.

In the world of jewellery, especially lab-grown diamond jewellery, India is among the major contributors.

One of the greatest sectors in the world, the Indian gem and jewellery sector accounts for more than 29% of the world’s jewellery consumption.

India is also now a growing market for lab-grown diamonds, and the lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India will undoubtedly help India capitalise on the competitive edge of the new-age diamond. 

The excellent thing is that Gen-Z and millennial consumers are steadily increasing their interest in lab-grown diamonds. Nowadays, more people tend to buy lab-grown diamonds.

Let us see some factors that assist the growing future of lab-grown diamond jewellery.

Indian industry is the prominent exporter of diamonds

India is a significant supplier of lab-grown diamonds to Belgium, the United States, Israel, Hong Kong,  and other countries. In recent years, the number of companies producing lab-grown diamond jewellery has steadily increased in Surat, India, the city that leads the world in diamond cutting and polishing.

Indian industry is the expertise manufacturing hub

India is one of the top producers of lab diamonds in the world, with the best facilities and knowledge. The production of lab-grown diamonds worldwide is more than 6 million carats. India produces more than 1 million carats of this total.

Diamond manufacturing centers may be found in Indian cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, and Surat. The nation provides expert diamond craftsmen as well as efficient production facilities. All of this is attributable to the nation’s thriving diamond industry for hundreds of years.

Lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India are implementing new technologies to increase production. India is poised to become a significant center for the manufacture and polishing of these lab-grown polished diamonds because of the advancements in technology, cost-effectiveness, and outstanding output.


Lab-grown diamond jewellery is in demand

These gems are in high demand among affluent celebrities and brides from the millennial generation.

Youths of today are more conscientious consumers, whether in terms of clothing, food, or diamonds. They look for viable alternatives.

This has prompted them to consider lab-grown diamonds for use in wedding and engagement rings as well as other types of jewellery. The majority of millennials live in India. This indicates that there is a massive market opportunity for the lab-grown diamond jewellery business.


Lab diamonds are comparatively cheaper

When compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are extremely inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Millennials wished to splurge on beautiful and reasonably priced luxury jewellery. 

The carat, cut, clarity, and colour are some elements that affect the cost of lab-created diamonds. The appearance of mined and lab-grown diamonds is comparable to the naked eye. They both share relatively similar physical and chemical characteristics and are produced using the same procedure.

Hence, the ideal stone to indulge in and buy own beautiful diamonds at a fraction of the cost of traditional diamond jewellery seemed to be lab-grown diamonds.


Hence, due to all the above promising factors, it is evident that the majority of people tend to buy lab-grown diamond jewellery more in comparison to mined ones. This is the reason why lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India seem to have a proven bright future.


Lab-grown Colored Diamonds

Fashion Comes Alive with Lab-grown Colored Diamonds

Everyone’s heart begins to race the instant they sight a diamond because of something about its glitzy and brilliant appearance.

Wearing these priceless lab-grown colored diamonds, whether in engagement or wedding rings, necklaces, anklets,  bracelets, or even earrings, instantly makes you feel opulent and stylish.

These days, colored lab-grown diamonds are causing quite a stir. These diamonds are equally stunning and attractive as those that are found in nature. 

The sole distinction is that they are cultivated utilizing techniques that are less harmful to the environment. Additionally, lab-grown colored diamonds are not only more cost-effective but also better for the environment.

With all this growing popularity, let us see some fashion trends of colored lab diamonds that are currently stealing everyone’s hearts.

Colored lab-grown diamonds

In the world of fashion, colored diamonds are becoming more and more prized for their enduring beauty. Nowadays, people tend to buy lab-grown colored diamonds over anything else. 

Many lab-grown diamond manufacturers produce enticing colors of diamonds easily. The most alluring colors of lab-grown colored diamonds are available in the market. 

There are many common colored lab diamonds that young generations prefer such as brown, pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Each color has its own significance and fits the personality of the person. 

It is truly said that a diamond represents your attire and personality! 

Lab-made colored diamond shapes

Additionally, lab-grown colored diamonds come in a variety of shapes, including the traditional round brilliant, radiant, trilliant, heart, princess cut, oval, and pear. 

This increases the appeal of trying new things and coming up with original designs of colored lab-grown diamond designs for both jewelry designers and purchasers.

Additionally, because the majority of stores provide personalized designs, buyers only need to see their jewelry in their minds, choosing the color, size, and lab-made colored diamond shapes of the diamond to match the style of jewelry they choose.

Colored lab diamonds – an upcoming fashion trend!

Due to their enticing shine and mesmerizing brilliance, colored lab-grown diamonds are a fashion trend for millennia. For devoted jewelry enthusiasts who understand how to remain at the forefront of their appearance play, wearing these sparkles and radiating glam from every pore, stunning gemstones are essential. They buy lab-grown colored diamonds without a second thought!

You might wonder what’s coming up in fashion. Without missing a beat, we’ll say colored diamonds! These diamonds are genuine, unique, and regal due to their vibrancy, unwavering brightness, and eternal beauty.

Enhancing your beauty meter!

The wonder of creations, lab-grown colored diamonds embellishes your grace, enhancing your aura and elevating your style factor, making you appear to be no less than a diva. With their captivating appearance, these colorful diamonds are poised to win over everyone’s hearts when fashion comes. Different hues and shapes of lab-grown colored diamonds tell a tale of opulence, passion, and easy charm. These diamonds feast on your individuality, finding their full glory in your assurance and captivating aura.


Are you still wondering whether to go for lab-grown colored diamonds? Then, stop wondering and definitely go for them and buy lab-grown colored diamonds without any second thought! Their alluring colors and shape will not only entice you but will also add a sparking touch to your fashion!

Lab Grown Diamond JEWELLERy

Are you wondering to start where to commence designing your Engagement Ring? Learn Some Basics

An engagement ring is a dream for almost all the ladies out here. So, if you are planning to choose a ring for your lady partner, you should go with designing and customizing it on your own. The more effort you put into thoughtful creation and design, the more your partner will get impressed.

It is evident that a ring is a form of love and commitment in a relationship. Hence, here we are with a complete guide on how to design your dreamy engagement ring for your partner. Read ahead to know and understand all the aspects.

Search for a reliable lab-grown diamond company


It is very crucial to choose a reliable and best in the market lab-grown diamond company. You might have excellent knowledge about colors, design, and structures, but authenticity and quality expertise are required. If you wish to buy lab-grown jewelry, such companies will assist you the best.

Set your budget

Setting the budget for your dreamy ring is very important. You must be clear about the parameters and your choices that should fall within your budget. Do thorough research of the market and various options available that fits your budget before making the decision. Ensure to buy lab-grown jewelry according to your budget.

Select the diamond

What is a ring without a diamond? Diamond enhances the beauty of your ring. Hence, choosing an elegant, beautiful, and bright diamond is a very nail-biting task. Finalize the color, type, shape, and structure of your diamond. You can also consult your lab-grown diamond company to choose the best one that fits your budget.

Select the style of ring and the band

The style of the ring and band is a very important aspect to look at as they represent your personality. Also, the styling of the ring will support the diamond you choose. It will help in setting and supporting the structure of the diamond.

Similarly, a perfectly chosen band will support your finger and make it look more elegant. There are different types of ring styles and bands available. Such as the tiffany setting, bezel setting, pave setting, etc, and split shank, delicate band, twisted band, and wide band respectively.

Choose the metal type

There are plenty of metal options available in the market if you wish to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry. Each type of metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are various factors you should keep in mind before choosing any metal, such as appearance, durability, shine, and price.

You can buy lab-grown jewelry online based on any yellow gold, platinum, white gold, two-tone, sterling silver, rose gold, and titanium metal.

Choose based on your lifestyle

Always decide all the aspects and consult a lab-grown diamond company based on your lifestyle. Whether you are a working official, sportsperson, or a house working person, customization will defer in each scenario. Do good research and go for the type of metals, bands, and diamonds based on your usage and lifestyle.

If you want to buy lab-grown jewelry online, then go for the best lab-grown diamond company in the market. Design and customize your own dreamy engagement ring keeping in mind all the above factors.

Lab Grown Diamonda

Major Reasons Why CVD Diamonds are So Popular

Most people who want to add some sparkle to their lives choose diamonds. In recent years, however, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) has become very popular because it provides diamond jewelry at significantly lower prices than regular mined stones. What is CVD, and why do people prefer it over other types of diamonds?

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

CVD diamond manufacturer in Mumbai produces high-quality diamonds at low costs. Many jewelers prefer CVD to other forms of manufacturing because they get consistent results and can easily control the quality of the final product.

Several types of diamonds are created using chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Single crystal growth and polycrystalline growth are the two main methods of creating CVD diamonds. Both processes rely on depositing carbon atoms into the diamond lattice structure. 

The difference between them lies in the size of the crystals formed. Single crystal growth produces larger diamonds than polycrystalline growth. However, the latter tends to produce better quality stones. 

Additionally, because the CVD process occurs under extreme heat and pressure, the temperature required to create CVD diamonds can reach over 2000 degrees Celsius. Because of the extreme conditions involved, CVD diamonds tend to be much harder than other forms of mined diamonds.

What makes CVD diamonds so popular?

CVD diamonds (colorless/vivid diamonds) are becoming very popular due to their unique characteristics. The reasons for this are varied but include improved gemological characteristics such as brilliance, fire, scintillation, and light efficiency. 

They also tend to be less affected by natural blemishes or other imperfections. In addition to these traits, they also offer various uses.

Diamonds aren’t always expensive. However, when purchasing diamond jewelry, you should look at the quality of the diamond rather than its price tag. The term ‘certified’ means that the diamond has passed rigorous tests and certification procedures before being released onto the market. CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is one method to create diamonds from scratch. This process creates amazing gemstones often far superior to those found naturally.

CVD diamonds manufacturer in India is known worldwide for the finest and purest type of diamond. They are highly sought after because they offer both brilliance and fire.

Why CVD diamond is your most popular friend?

A large percentage of the world’s rough diamonds are mined and sold using the CVD method. This technique involves removing impurities from the surface of the diamonds through chemical treatments. CVD diamond manufacturers in Surat tend to have higher quality levels than conventional diamonds.

They are popular because they are small, affordable, lightweight, and easy to wear. They don’t take up much space in your jewelry box or pocket. You can always keep them with you without being worried about losing them. You will never go wrong if you own one.

Other reasons for their popularity is due to their durability and attractiveness. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain. They are also quite hard and resistant to heat and corrosion, so they are used for cutting tools, jewelry, etc.

Also they are a symbol of wealth, stability, and longevity. They also look good in any jewelry setting.

CVD diamond companies in India are becoming increasingly popular because their products are hypoallergenic compared to other diamond types. 

Benefits of CVD diamonds over natural diamonds

CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is a manufacturing process where a thin layer of material is deposited on a substrate using chemical reactions. This process allows manufacturers to create complex shapes or structures, such as those in computer chips and solar panels.

CVD diamonds offer several benefits over mined gemstones, such as their hardness and durability. They also come at a lower cost due to their high production volumes. There are three main advantages to choosing CVD diamonds over mined stones: low cost, hypo-allergenicity, and enhanced optical properties.

Several CVD diamond manufacturers in Mumbai offer CVD diamond production services. They differ mainly in terms of the size of the finished gemstone. For example, some produce stones weighing less than 1 carat, while other manufacturers offer larger stones ranging between 2 and 50 carats.

Why is CVD diamond gaining popularity as a jewelry and investment option?

There are several reasons why CVD diamond jewelry has become so popular over the years. Some of them are listed below:

CVD diamonds are becoming very popular because they provide better value than regular diamonds. What are some other reasons why these gems are so attractive?

CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamonds are created through a special manufacturing method. These diamonds are also high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) or ultra-high-pressure high temperature (UHPT). They are the hardest gemstones and are often called “white gold” due to their luxurious appearance. Because of their unique properties, they are considered the most valuable diamond variety today.

Many consumers prefer CVD diamond manufacturers in Hongkong because they offer excellent performance across multiple facets – from cut to fire. This makes them ideal for jewelry applications, where light refraction and scattering affect the visual appeal.

Because of their low markup, CVD diamonds cost less than other types of diamonds. In addition, you can purchase them at a much higher volume. As a result, CVD diamonds are gaining popularity among investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

You might choose to invest in these precious stones because they offer a safe means of saving and investing. The long-term returns from a diamond investment are also high.

Buy CVD diamonds today!