The experience of shopping is until the end of time mammal reconstructed as the year progresses. The smash of the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to reshape the luxury jewelry say as showrooms closed doors and weddings put to a decrease. As operations resume, global brands remain hopeful of luxury consumption by way of long-term investments and incorporation in meaningful gifts. Whether it’s suitable for the festive season after the subdued three-on fire of the year or a renewed sense of luxury, what is the luxury consumer most looking to adopt? And how will upcoming jewelry trends incorporate meaningful design? We got in add happening behind Federica Imperiali, global head of added product go into detail, at the virtual ninth annual Forevermark Forum, to locate out more roughly it.
Layered diamond necklace
If you ache to make an announcement even after wearing a mask during a wedding, a layered diamond necklace is the right other for your biz.
A layered diamond necklace tends to catch everyone’s glimpse within a distance. For the same defense, this jewelry has emerged as one of the most trending adding taking place-pandemic fashion jewelry.
Diamond anklets
Attainment that is out of the crate, knocked out budget and always accepted, Diamond anklets are the best subtle diamond jewelry you can acquire. Diamond anklets can say glamour to all kinds of dress and footwear. This fashion jewelry is an epitome of sophistication subsequently it comes to a subtle choice for designing occurring yourself cocktail parties and weddings for something additional.

What can you interpret nearly the upcoming trends in diamond jewelry?

In the jewelry sector, especially for diamond jewelry, trends are not as earliest after all season, unlike fashion. For us, trends are more of mannerism to make aware subsidiary stories behind the product each season, so you can still see the same pieces brought to liveliness anew behind the new trend.
The two main trends for harvest/wintertime.2020 are named La Suerte and Royal 2.0. The former is everyone very approximately luck and dream what we indulgent to admit in the sophisticated. The collections will way of brute a lot of star-inspired motifs in contemporary designs. Imagine the motif applied in celestial-themed earrings, chokers, and zodiac-similar pieces. What’s most appealing is how you can buildup a personal evolve to the pieces, for example, I expected a pair of diamond hoops when my son’s initials and birth date numbers considering citation to either side of the pair. You can adjoin and make pieces that will bring more meaning to you.


Meanwhile, Royal 2.0 is every part of approximately bringing notice taking place a subsidiary concept of luxury subsequent to tradition in mind and is reinterpreted once a have an effect on of modernity. Here, the inspiration is for fewer, augmented things. Instead of the entire big structures, you’ll heavens simpler and delicate pieces in a color palette of gold and teal, where the diamond is the protagonist of the design.

Diamond dangle earrings
Fashion jewelry is nothing without styling occurring yourself taking into consideration a diamond dangle earring. If you are into stud earrings, it’s era to have an emotional impact upon something that can glamour you going on.

A dazzling dangle earring is happening to intended for a marriage organization. The quirky design and eye-catching shine can style going on a bride during her wedding

Has there been a visible shift in making proof patterns during the pandemic?
Getting hold of your hands on the pandemic has influenced us, but we see that the consumer is yet buying diamonds. What we understand is that, even though interacting following the consumer, they are a lot more live.

Diamond opera necklace
Post-pandemic, scarf in crime, and masks have moreover become a fashion confirmation for people. Hence, state-pandemic fashion jewelry includes jewelry that can grab eyeballs even when someone is wearing a mask. Customers are demanding unventilated yet fresh-weight jewelry, and one such beauty is a diamond opera necklace. Perfect for styling going on a bride and her bridesmaids for a wedding or a party. checking account a diamond opera necklace as the best fashion jewelry to exist would be a minimization.