OVAL Diamond Size Chart

Oval Diamond size chart

Oval Cut Diamond in Carat

The Oval repair Diamond is premier created in 1960 by Lazare Kaplan. It waxed winning among people because of its sign, which is identified as the quintessential globular cutting diamond. quiet, it similarly looks withal splashy than a globular cutting, which similarly makes the galette of the wearer turn up longer and thin because of its square repair. It has 56 phases and utmost good for 1.35 to 1.50 flank of the diamond.

Scarlett Johansson, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge), and Blake Ellender vivacious are like sufficiently – grasped superstars who possess possessed the square slice diamond ring in their phase. One of the visible and largest “ Koh – i – Noor ” diamonds is similarly in the repair of a square.

nonethelessbesides this Oval Cut Diamond is the sporty tournament for you, If you’re the person who loves quintessential with a sawed-off sharpness.

The Oval Cut diamond, revelatory for its most visible queenly strategy, gives your jewelry a refining touch. However, a square slice diamond is a true volition for you, If you’re a nut of the globular cutting diamond but take it to perfect your face. Oval slice diamonds are one of the senior diamond forms stock since 1304.

Oval slice diamond rings are seamless for a singularstupefying face. The nick of a nugget slash diamond ring immaculately fits the galettegiving away them a royal, palatial faceparadigmatic enough to snap all the eyeballs .

The people’s largest diamond, Koh – i – Noor, is likewisenugget slash diamond. You can regard personalities like Hailey Rhode Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge), and Blake Ellender snappyseesawing the hunk slash diamond rings with phraseology!

OVAL Diamond Sizes

Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
4.5×3.5 mm.0.21 ct.
5.0×3.0 mm.0.21 ct.
5.5×3.5 mm.0.33 ct.
5.0×4.0 mm.0.35 ct.
6.0×4.0 mm.0.50 ct.
6.0×5.0 mm.0.61 ct.
6.5×4.5 mm.0.65 ct.
7.0×5.0 mm.0.75 ct.
7.7×5.7 mm.1.00 ct.
8.0×6.0 mm.1.25 ct.
9.0×6.0 mm.1.41 ct.
8.5×6.5 mm.1.50 ct.
9.0×7.0 mm.2.00 ct.
Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
10.0×08 mm.2.50 ct.
10.5×8.5 mm.2.88 ct.
12.0×08 mm.3.00 ct.
11.0×09 mm.3.85 ct.
12.0×10 mm.5.05 ct.
14.0×10 mm.5.81 ct.
13.0×11 mm.6.05 ct.
14.0×12 mm.8.21 ct.
15.0×12 mm.8.76 ct.
16.0×12 mm.9.32 ct.
16.0×14 mm.11.88 ct.
18.0×13 mm.12.86 ct.
20.0×15 mm.14.96 ct.