Diamond Size Chart (12)

Radiant Diamond size chart

The Radiant Cut Diamond is the substitute to this diamond public; it’s the dégagé meld of looks and puissance. The glowing cutting is genuinely significant durable because of its cutting intersections. With the privy intercross slash with 70 phases, glowing orders are overmuch significant scintillating. nonetheless, the goddess cutting similarly looks resemblant to the glowing cutting, but equating it contemporaneously, it seems a property of diverseness to each nonidentical in order, cutting, spark as serviceably as outgo. 1.00 to 1.35 spread – to – realm proportion is picture-book for a glowing cutting diamond for the dégagé product.

standouts like Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, and Jessica Biel possess lived treasured by this order of a diamond and opt for their solitary moment.

nonetheless, besides Radiant Cut Diamond is a genuinely significant fit for you, If you’re making for reality substitute in style.

glowing cutting diamonds are picture-book for you to possess the luster of looks and puissance. glowing cutting diamonds make a scruple near to goddess cutting diamonds, but the unequaled diverseness you’ll spot is that the quondam are square.

glowing cutting diamond rings are one of the most durable diamond gashes you can learn as it isn’t effortless to contort them because of their blueprint.

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luminaries like Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, and Jessica Biel command disported off their affection for this beautiful blueprint, and you can clasp solace from them. However, besides Radiant Cut Diamond is genuinely earth-shattering able for you, If you’re acting for commodity makeshift in a craze.

Radiant MM SizeRadiant Carat Weight
5.0×03 mm.0.31 ct.
4.5×3.5 mm.0.34 ct.
6.0×03 mm.0.41 ct.
6.0×04 mm.0.50 ct.
6.5×4.5 mm.0.75 ct.
7.0×05 mm.1.00 ct.
7.3×5.5 mm.1.25 ct.
7.5×5.8 mm.1.50 ct.
8.0×06 mm.2.00 ct.
8.5×6.5 mm.2.25 ct.
9.0×07 mm.2.50 ct.
9.5×7.5 mm.3.00 ct.
10×07 mm.3.31 ct.
Radiant MM SizeRadiant Carat Weight
10×08 mm.3.50 ct.
11×09 mm.5.05 ct.
12×09 mm.6.06 ct.
11.5×10 mm.6.45 ct.
13×09 mm.6.54 ct.
12×10 mm.6.79 ct.
14×10 mm.8.47 ct.
13×11 mm.9.33 ct.
13.5×11.5 mm.10.19 ct.
15.0×11.0 mm.11.48 ct.
14.0×12.0 mm.12.14 ct.
16.0×12.0 mm.14.22 ct.