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The 5 fact about lab grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are around a few times now, but only recently have they become widely known. We’ve been working within the man-made diamond industry since 2005, long before it became popular. therein time, we’ve been ready to perfect our processes and build relationships with the simplest vendors and jewelers around. Now, we are ready to offer the very best quality lab-grown diamond jewelry at lower prices than our competitors.

So, let’s get right down to the brass tacks: What exactly are diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds are just like their natural counterparts in every way, except they’re grown during a lab from a diamond seed rather than pulled from the world. Diamonds are made happening as well as a reference to every one of put in carbon.

. That’s why both lab diamonds and mined diamonds have the precise same physical properties. They replicate the precise natural action that forms earth-grown diamonds but cost up to 40% less. Let’s compare the method of growing diamonds during a lab vs. how diamonds from within the earth.

Mined diamonds form deep within the earth’s crust over billions of years. The consequence of mining diamonds is critical. Mined diamonds—also referred to as blood diamonds—destroy local habitats and wildlife and compromise the well-being of laborers.

How do lab-grown diamonds compare?

Mined diamonds have a crystal structure then do lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds replicate the crystal lattice-in imitation of the structure of mined diamonds.. Despite their similarities, lab-grown diamonds don’t destroy wildlife or harm workers.

Lab diamonds grow during a controlled environment of utmost pressure and warmth, referred to as High-Pressure heat (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). because of extensive research and practice, lab-grown diamonds grow within the same way mined diamonds do.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds an equivalent As Moissanite Or Cubic Zirconia?

Moissanite isn’t an equivalent thing to a lab-grown diamond. Moissanite has grown popular in recent years, but it differs from diamonds in a lot of the way. While mined diamonds come from the world and lab-grown diamonds are grown during a lab, moissanite originates from meteors. Moissanite isn’t a diamond, neither is it attempting to be one. While a diamond whether lab or earth-grown is singly refractive, moissanite is doubly refractive.

This leads to a disco ball of sunshine, meaning you’ll see all the colors of the rainbow. So although some may prefer the fiery sparkle of moissanite, it doesn’t appear as if a true diamond.

Cost Differences

You’re constantly inundated with the declaration that “diamonds are a girl’s ally .” Who can deny that sparkle? Well, you’re in luck, because lab-grown diamonds sparkle even as bright as mined diamonds. the simplest part? They cost a fraction of the worth. it’d be time to reword it to “diamonds are a man’s ally,” because he’s getting to save a substantial amount of cash on a lab-grown diamond. Considering mined diamonds cost $2,500-$16,000 per carat, that’s hundreds—or thousands—of dollars saved.

That’s money you’ll use on a dream honeymoon, deposit on a house, or spend on other, more important things—like your wedding. It’s easy to ascertain that your ring budget will go further with a lab-grown diamond than a mined diamond.


It’s impossible to inform the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a true diamond during a side-by-side comparison. you would like special tools to be ready to differentiate one from the opposite. That’s because they’re identical altogether ways.

If you would like to verify that your diamond is lab-grown, check its grading report. alongside specifying that it had been grown during a lab, it’ll also indicate the diamond’s grade on all 4Cs, including carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. A grading report gives you peace of mind knowing your diamond is that the quality you expect.

While some might imagine that lab-grown diamonds can’t sparkle as bright as mined diamonds, that’s just not true. Let’s take a better check out these sparkling beauties.

Lab-Grown Diamond Brilliance

Do lab-grown diamonds shine like mined diamonds? Of course! How is that possible? Lab-grown diamonds have the equivalent chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. this suggests that your lab-grown diamond goes to shine as bright as a mined diamond. Goodbye costly gemstones, hello sparkle!