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Manufacturer And Wholesaler Of Cvd Diamond , Lab Grown Diamond And Synthetic Diamond​
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Premium Quality
Lab Grown Diamond
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Manufacturer And Wholesaler Of Cvd Diamond , Lab Grown Diamond And Synthetic Diamond​
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Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Rahi Impex is the most valuable lab grown diamond manufacturer & wholesaler. We are export cvd diamond (also called as lab-grown diamonds, synthetic diamond, man made diamond ) to various retailers, wholesalers, jewellers, jewellery manufacturers, and importers around the globe. Rahi Impex promises to supply high quality lab created diamonds to businesses at manufacturer direct prices and buy cvd diamond at the affordable rate from us.

High-Quality Single Crystal   Diamond Manufacturers

We unity along with synthetic diamond in making high-environment CVD Diamond in a grand variety of types and colours CVD Diamond. Our Synthetic diamond is crafted for satisfying man-made diamond jewellery and sliced & shaped perfectly for various industrial lab-grown diamond purposes. Our Synthetic Diamonds brand is known for the broadest accretion of type  diamond. We create use of high-level man Made Diamond

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How CVD diamond are made? 

A CVD diamond
begins as a skinny slice of CVD diamond seed, which is often a synthetic diamond. and A Lab Grown diamond seed is placed in a hermetic chamber and cross to vis–vis 800 degrees Celsius FOR  the CVD Diamond.
The Synthetic Diamond chamber is filled once carbon-wealthy gas, along with Methane, and choice gases . The  CVD Diamond Making gases are ionized into plasma using technology later than microwaves or lasers. The Lab Grown  Diamond ionization breaks the molecular bonds in the gases, and the Synthetic Diamond unqualified carbon adheres to the Synthetic diamond seed and slowly crystallizes.

Why Lab Made Diamond?

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Diamond Quality

Lab Made diamonds have the same quality and ocular parcels as natural diamonds.
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Diamond Valuation​

Lab Made Diamond contribute excellent value and are more affordable than natural diamonds

Cvd Diamond Manufacturer

Lab Made Diamond is Mining Free

“ NO MINING ” is necessitated for Lab-created diamonds. Elevate your jewellery with mining free Lab Made Diamonds

Comparison Table

Lab Grown Diamond Natural Diamond
Is it easy to use?
Whether it is precise or not?
Where does it come from?
It is made in the laboratory
It is found in the mines
Is it eco-simple?
Not at all
Which is improved in terms of character?
Since it is created in the laboratory it comes without flaws and is by in the disaffect of enlarged atmosphere.
Cannot predict the setting standards, a tote taking place flawless natural diamond is extremely definitely rare and intensely costly.
Is child labor working?
There is a to your liking unintended child labor was engaged
Can you customize it?
May or may not be customizable
How long does it alive?
Is it gloomy?
Will the diamonds shine go away when become pass-fashioned?
Whether it is a diamond or not?
Which is more affordable?
Yes it is intensely cost in clash
It may or may not be cheap
Can the linked feel be delivered in profusion?
Yes, very As its manufactured in controlled conditions.
Cannot be deferential




CVD diamond

Colorless synthetic diamonds produced by CVD Diamond are becoming more common in the look of Lab Grown Diamond.

Lab grown diamond

Man-Made Diamond and HPHT is a technique developed in the 1950s to make pretty and lucrative synthetic diamonds. Through tall pressure and tall temperature of synthetic diamond, a genuine man-made diamond scan is made from scrape in a controlled environment, and existing Lab-Grown diamond scans have their color grade augmented to make them whiter CVD Diamond.

Solitaire Diamond

Solitaire means CVD diamond or adjunct CVD DIAMOND set in a piece of jewelry by itself. This means there is abandoned one rock set in every portion of a piece of man-made diamond jewelry. Solitaire cover includes CVD diamond earrings, Labgrown Diamond CVD diamond necklaces, Labgrown Diamond rings, CVD diamond bracelets, and even men’s wedding CVD diamond bands. Any form of CVD diamond jewelry is easily reached in a solitaire design in man-made diamonds.

Melee  Diamond

GIA defines melee as little diamonds, either single scuff or full clip (see definitions out cold), weighting less than 1/5 carat (ct) man-made diamond. However, the precise size range of melee CVD diamond varies from country to country and from one segment of the trade to the choice of man-made diamond. Mele synthetic diamonds can be as little as 0.001 ct (1/1000 of a carat). They are often scraped into tiny circular CVD diamonds and set coarsely a center rock or roughly the band The CVD Diamond Mele synthetic diamonds.

Fancy Color  Diamond

color  diamonds come in in symbol to any color you can imagine. Lab Grown Diamond is Red, Lab Grown Diamond is green, Lab Grown DIAMOND is purple, and others are generally the rarest synthetic diamond, followed by pink synthetic diamond and blue man-made diamond. Yellows man-made diamond and browns synthetic diamond are the most common colors of the man-made diamond

Custom Cut  Diamond

We meet the expense of you the unintended Diamond to design your man-made Diamond. Select your Style and put on of synthetic Diamond for your assimilation arena. At Best Price for Lab Grown Diamond.Lab Grown Dimond area unit Man Made Diamond. Like natural diamonds from the planet, they’re made from carbon.And they area unit sensible.


Round | Princess | Oval  | Marquise  | Pear  | Cushion| Emerald  | Asscher

Gray | White | Blue | Yellow | Orange | Red | Green


Synthetic diamond fluorescence is the warmth you sometimes see forward and strive for emits visible fresh. Some lab grown diamond fluoresce behind them are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sources taking into account the sun and fluorescent lamp of CVD diamond.

vuy cvd diamond
CUT of man-made diamond

None | Good | Very Good | Excellent | Ideal

CLARITY of man-made diamond

SI1 | SI2 | VS1 | VS2 | VVS1 | VVS2

WHAT IS CVD diamond?

The CVD diamond has to be crafted by a method called chemical vapor deposition. The diamond grain is the beginning of this process.

lab created diamonds

Yes, Lab-Grown Diamond is absolutely real. Just taking into account how Test Tube babies have an interchange descent but are authentic humans, Lab-Grown Diamond is identical to their earthen counter parts, chemically and physically both. Hence, they are 100% real diamonds.

Rahi Impex arrives taking into account 100% Lifetime Exchange and an 80% Buyback at the prevailing rate for CVD DIAMOND.

Rahi Impex Provide Conflict free Man-made Diamond is certified by IGI or HRD. They are also Laser inscribed with their certificate number.



  • loose diamond
  • Lab grown  Diamond
  • Polished Diamond
  • Rough Diamond
  • Synthetic Diamond

CERTIFICATIONS of man made diamond

  • IGI
  • GIA
  • GCAL 
  • AGS
  • EGL
SIZES of man made diamond​

our man-made diamond range from 0.01 cent to 2.00 carat. The range: 2.01 to 5 carats is subject to the availability of a man-made diamond.

Why Buy Your Synthetic Diamond From Us?

We are the authentic lab grown diamond manufacturer and supplier in india. on the peak of 50% savings gone hint to retail costs of synthetic DIAMOND! We have the funds for varieties of  Diamonds. worldwide at no cost. The CVD Diamond Ship Direct factory to Your Home

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