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Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

Embark on a journey into the realm of authentic brilliance with lab-created diamonds, for they are undeniably real. These exceptional gems have swiftly conquered domains once dominated by natural rough stones, owing to their impeccable credibility. With identical optical and chemical properties to their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamonds emit a mesmerizing shimmer and exude an aura that rivals authentic diamonds. In fact, they often surpass natural diamonds in sheer beauty. Dismissing lab-grown diamonds as “fake” crumbles in the face of overwhelming evidence. Embrace lab-grown diamonds with the same confidence and allure as natural diamonds, and be captivated by their exquisite elegance.

In the ever-competitive landscape of lab-grown diamonds in India, particularly in the renowned Diamond City of Surat, being a distinguished lab-grown diamond manufacturer and wholesaler is no easy feat. With a multitude of players in the market, customers can swiftly choose their preferred supplier. However, this was not always the case in previous decades.

The fascinating journey of lab-grown diamonds dates back to the 1940s, when the world was grappling with the aftermath of war. Diamonds were initially created for industrial purposes due to their exceptional durability and heat-resistant properties. As natural diamonds were scarce and challenging to acquire, alternative solutions became necessary. Man-made diamonds emerged to meet the needs of cutting hard metals, drilling for gas exploration, and grinding other gemstones.

Historical records widely accepted around the world indicate that the first non-natural diamond was produced by a dedicated group of researchers who tirelessly sought ways to create diamonds artificially. This groundbreaking research took place within General Electronics (GE) in New York during the 1940s, in a project code-named “Project Superpressure.” The team consisted of six researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds.

Their ultimate ambition was to become pioneers in manufacturing man-made diamonds. Year after year, they conducted experiments, encountering numerous setbacks along the way. Despite the challenges, the name GE became synonymous with synthetic diamonds, gaining global recognition. The researchers remained determined, not only to produce artificial diamonds but also to develop a reproducible process.

Finally, in 1954, a breakthrough occurred. They realized that they had successfully created the world’s first artificial diamond. Subsequent efforts focused on replicating the process and understanding the key factors that led to this groundbreaking achievement. In 1955, the synthetic diamond was unveiled to the world during a press conference, although specific technical details were not disclosed. Initially, diamond experts did not fully appreciate this incredible invention, but over time, lab-grown diamonds began to dominate the diamond market.

Today, as the demand for lab-grown diamonds continues to rise, CVD diamond manufacturers in India strive to establish their position in the industry and capitalize on this growing market. The journey of lab-grown diamonds, from their humble beginnings to their current prominence, is an ongoing evolution that shapes the future of the diamond industry. As manufacturers and wholesalers in India compete for their place in this ever-expanding market, they play a vital role in meeting the demand for high-quality lab-grown diamonds with unrivaled expertise and excellence.

Lab Grown Diamond
Lab Grown Diamond

What are the major types of lab created diamonds?

Discover the fascinating world of lab-grown diamonds with two distinct methods:

HPHT and CVD. HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) diamonds were the pioneers of synthetic diamonds, originating in the 1950s. This method involves subjecting a diamond seed to extreme conditions of high temperature (2000 Fahrenheit) and high pressure (1.5 million pounds per square inch). Under these circumstances, carbon melts and envelops the seed, resulting in a larger stone that serves as the raw material for artificial gemstones. The manufacturing processes include the split sphere, cubic press, and belt press methods, all requiring the precise environment necessary for HPHT diamond creation.

On the other hand, CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) is a technique employed by lab-grown diamond manufacturers to produce diamonds of exceptional purity, surpassing HPHT diamonds. CVD diamonds fall under the Type IIA category, which is incredibly rare in nature. In this process, a diamond seed is placed in a vacuum chamber filled with carbon. By applying high temperature (1500 Fahrenheit), the carbon transforms into plasma, and its particles adhere to the seed’s surface, layer by layer, causing the diamond to grow in size. As the temperature decreases, the diamond solidifies and undergoes polishing to achieve perfection. CVD diamonds are free from boron or nitrogen impurities and lack magnetic properties, distinguishing them from HPHT diamonds.

Despite their differences, both HPHT and CVD diamonds possess an indistinguishable look and feel. At Rahi Impex, you can discover an exceptional selection of excellently cut lab-grown diamonds of both types, allowing you to explore the realm of lab-grown diamonds with unmatched elegance and quality.

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Why are lab created diamonds becoming popular these days?

Immerse yourself in the realm of uncompromising quality and exquisite craftsmanship with lab-grown diamonds from India. Renowned for their exceptional standards, Indian lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India consistently deliver gems of the highest quality. From precision cutting to impeccable clarity, each diamond is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence. With stringent quality control measures in place, these diamonds meet and exceed the most discerning standards, ensuring a truly remarkable and ethically sourced alternative to natural diamonds. Experience the allure of high-quality lab-grown diamonds that capture hearts and shine with unparalleled brilliance.

Natural diamonds are extracted from nature and hence mining is an inevitable part of the procedure and is looked upon as an activity that leaves an immense effect on the balance of the ecosystem. The huge holes that are dug not only affect biodiversity but also lead to other environmental problems. Soil erosion, sinkholes, contamination of soil and water, and deforestation are just a few among them. These harmful activities are never a part of the origin of diamonds that are made artificially. Nature does not play a role here and hence, it is never affected by the procedures that give birth to lab grown diamonds.

Mining accidents are not unknown to us. Every year we lose almost 1 in 1000 labourers to accidents that happen during the process. Human and animal lives are at risk with mining and there have been laws established to safeguard the same. However, despite the laws and advancements in mining technology, unfortunate situations occur even today. Devoid of such accidents or other disastrous situations that risk lives, the formation of artificial diamonds is conflict-free

Man-made diamonds are comparatively cheaper than natural diamonds. The latter has always been given the upper hand may be due to the difficult extraction procedure and the rarity in finding them. With the advancement of science even better stones with the same chemical properties could be created in labs rendering them cheaper than the natural rough stones.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers in India are known for their perfect synthetic stones. Even when they are made with technology, the basic constituents and the conducive environment created are the same as their natural counterparts. Moreover, the limits and measurements are controlled here making them the synonym of perfection in every way. Hence, they are purer and much higher in terms of clarity and precision than natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamond have an edge over natural diamonds due to the following reasons.

How are lab grown diamonds different from cubic zirconias?

Cubic zirconia is not at all the same as lab grown diamonds. In fact, they are called diamond simulants that are produced pretty cheaply. The presence of carbon is nil in zirconias that they can never be considered as diamonds. Made in an entirely different and easier manner cubic zirconia are inexpensive and not suitable for long-term usage. Hence, never can these be equated with mined or artificial diamonds.

Are lab grown diamond manufacturers in India better than the other countries?

India serves almost 90% of the world’s polished diamonds. The business arena in the face of the pandemic has been affected in numerous ways, yet the Indian diamond manufacturing industries are working in full swing as orders continue to pour in from the US, Hong Kong, China, the Gulf, and some European nations. This shows how much lab grown diamond manufacturers in India have managed to prove their expertise despite the tough competition around the world.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers in India are known for their cost-effective way of polishing natural and producing artificial diamonds. Moreover, they are acclaimed for their expertise in designing, diamond strengths, lower cost of production, and a strong grasp of the psychology of the consumer base. It is estimated by financial experts that the lab grown diamond manufacturers in India will soon take over the global diamond market for good.

Why should you buy lab grown diamonds from Rahi Impex?

Rahi impex promises you only the best of the lab grown diamonds there are. With years of experience in the field of diamond manufacturing, we have tested and tried methods to bring to the floor the incredible man-made stones for our beloved customers. We offer a range of lab created diamonds starting from loose synthetic diamonds to exquisite lab grown blue diamonds. Our artificial diamonds are made with clear-cut technology giving priority to 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. It is not just the glisten and standard of the diamonds, but also the exemplary service that we offer, that made us one of the most coveted lab grown diamond manufacturers in India. Click here to check out our breathtaking collection of lab grown diamonds.


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