purple lab grown diamond

Purple Lab-Grown Diamond

Purple is frequently used for royalty, weddings, as well as other special occasions since it is considered to be a high-end and rich color. Most frequently, fancy purple color diamonds are utilized in diamond rings, pendants, and crowns. The color shade and reflectivity of lab-grown purple diamonds are identical to those of natural diamonds. The purple diamond’s color range spans from mild to intense. Similar to other shaded diamonds on the market, purple color diamonds are in high demand.

A Rich Piece of Stone - Purple Lab-Grown Diamond!


The most popular lab-grown diamond jewelry items that feature fancy purple lab-grown diamonds are diamond necklaces, earrings, and diamond rings. They enhance the appearance and elegance of white colorless diamonds by being utilized with them. These stones’ color shifts to violet hues as a result of the laser light produced while they are being heated while cutting. Rarely, the diamond may be violet to blue in color. When a stone is heated, the shade of violet intensifies and eventually fades to gray. The end result might range in color from dark purple to light bluish violet. When heated, the blue color of the diamond changes to a darker shade of violet; the pink color of the diamond, however, never fully vanishes. Before moving on to shop purple diamonds, read ahead and know more about colors and shades of purple lab-grown diamonds.

Royal Shades of Purple Lab-Grown Diamonds!

Carbon and impurities make up clear diamonds. The color of the crystal is impacted when such impurities, which take the formation of trace elements, are trapped inside the structure. In the crystal matrix, these impurities may even take the place of certain carbon atoms. However, this atom substitution takes place in an organized and precise manner, maintaining the transparency of the diamond’s three exterior planes. A purple stone’s crystalline structure substitutes chromium for nitrogen. The dark purple diamond, the gray-purple diamond, the violet-purple diamond, and the blue-purple diamond are just a few of the many varieties of purple diamonds that are offered. There is a chance that these exotic-colored diamonds will also possess a bluish tone. Let us see some amazing shades of fancy purple color diamonds

Light Purple Lab-grown Diamond

The natural light purple color of these stones makes them valuable. The dark yellowish-brown color of such stones, which is said to have been caused by age in the ground or possibly by irradiation, is what distinguishes the medium-light fancy color purple diamonds.

Deep Purple Lab-grown Diamond

The purple to deep violet colored diamond is the most common variety of purple-colored stones. The rich violet tint of the deep, dark purple diamonds adds to their worth. Their color shifts from violet to reddish-violet as well as a light bluish-violet when heated. Since they take more time to cut into pieces, the majority of these diamonds are of extremely good quality and cost a lot of money. Natural deep dark purple diamonds are extremely rare and expensive, and it is quite difficult to find one.

Vivid Purple Lab-grown Diamond

These gems have bright pinkish and purple colors and can be bought on the market. These stones are prized for their beauty, and the sun makes them sparkle. These stones are of the best standard, becoming a pale grayish-violet with a strong red undertone.

Elegant Piece of Jewelry - Purple Diamond Jewelry!

Rarely does one shop purple diamond jewelry. Nevertheless, there is a growing trend among people to desire uncommon colored diamonds that can be included in their everyday jewelry. Due to their inexpensive cost, these uncommon color diamonds can be utilized in many different types of jewelry, but are most frequently set in necklaces or engagement rings. Some jewelers create copper- or gold-based pendants and ring with a purple diamond placed in the center. Making rings with white diamonds or black diamonds is another usage for these gemstones. Purple-colored diamonds are worn by fashion-conscious individuals. In truth, various people prefer different colors of diamonds. Men tend to wear dark blue, clear, and deep red diamonds more commonly. Whereas, women favor aquamarine and purple diamonds.  The heart beats more quickly when these stones shine in the light, which has a significant impact on the pulse rate. Their high levels of energy encourage people to feel energetic and driven.

 Hence, it is the right time and indication to go ahead and shop purple diamond and shop purple diamond jewelry right away!

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