Rahi impex traveled a long way to become one of the leading lab grown diamond manufacturers in India. We have served thousands of clients from different parts of India to big countries such as the US, the UK, Belgium, and Germany. Moreover, the supreme quality of our synthetic diamonds helped us establish a prominent presence in the Middle East and Asia. This helped us win numerous long-term clients especially in the UAE and Hong Kong.


Our lab grown diamonds have always had high demand especially from entrepreneurs involved in jewellery making. We are extremely proud of our huge clientele and we hope to expand it in the coming years. With our impeccable delivery service ready to serve you wherever you are, you just have to worry about choosing the diamond you need.

We here at Rahi impex do not compromise on the quality of the diamonds. Be it our lab grown diamonds  all are made with the right precision cut and exact measurements. Made with extreme care and delicacy our artificial diamonds are known for their lustre, robustness and finesse.

Our lab grown diamonds on the other hand are the personification of perfection. We promise all this at a very affordable price range. Rahi impex is not just a manufacturer of lab grown diamonds, we also retail, export and import diamonds to and from places across the world at prices that you can find nowhere else. With our diamond rates, you can own a wide array of diamonds without spending a fortune on them. In addition to this, we offer special discounts on bulk orders!

A diamond whether natural or man-made needs to be certified to prove its worth and quality. And due to the same reason, the certifications vary from one diamond to another.  Our system is strictly based on legal terms and hence our products are backed by the guarantee of certifications that are prescribed under law.

Manufactured diamonds are granted certifications by grading identities that decide the certification based on clarity, colour, width, and length which will be explained in the certificate. Our natural diamonds and artificial diamonds comprising are graded by reputable organizations such as GIA, HRD, AGS, IGI, EGL, GSI.  You can trust us in terms quality and superiority of the diamonds we provide. Our team is always ready to clarify any of your doubts. Our lab grown and natural diamonds are waiting for you!


Rahi impex is the place for you to get the exact lab grown diamond you wish for. Our product range includes synthetic diamond, HPHT diamond, CVD diamond, and many more. We do not compromise on the quality of our diamonds and let you have them at the best prices. Lab grown diamonds are cheaper than natural ones, yet they have almost the same texture and clarity.

It takes immense practice, expertise, and knowledge to create the perfect artificial diamonds. Our team spends considerable time examining them for defects and ensures the finishing. Hence, our artificial diamonds are an example of perfection and clarity. We have traveled this far due to the trust our clients have in us and we continue to improve our standards with each year. We assure you only the best.

Lab grown diamonds are our specialty and we offer a wide range of them including HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds.  They have the following benefits:

Affordable: Man-made diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds.

Environment friendly: The mining of natural diamonds takes the use of fossil fuels. Child labour is also a part of this process in many countries. With  Synthetic diamonds made in a scientific atmosphere, these problems do not arise.

Clarity:  Artificial diamonds are better in clarity when compared to natural diamonds because they are made with exact measurements.

We have 0.40 cent to 5.00 carat lab grown diamond.


We are doing as per your request. 

It’s depends on condition.


We will accept payment in Us$ and INr.

Yes ,but only advance.

We are only deal in Advance or COD payment.


Yes, you can, but while are you choosing your diamond be aware of choosing.



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We Provide only Eco-friendly, Pocket-friendly, and Highest Quality Lab-grown diamonds.