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Diamonds are considered as one of the most precious elements. The name is enough to allure anyone’s heart. But one lacking reality behind diamonds is what all might not know. Have you ever heard about the mining process of diamonds? How they are collected, how they are mined and how are they designed? Let’s have a look at this thing. 

Firstly the mining process is a difficult task which even gives rise to child labour as children are forcefully put under this job to help their family. Also the country has below the average pay for miners. The children sometimes also go through sexual and physical abuse for this reason. To keep these things on hold you can switch to lab grown diamonds that are the best alternatives to real diamonds. 

Together we save


1 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond: Save 109 Gallons Water

250 Tonnes Land, 50% Money

You can buy lab grown diamond online that have the same lustre and specifications as natural diamonds. These diamonds are made which cause not any harm to nature and without forcing labour. You might not be knowing that mining of natural diamonds even harms the soil and impacts the environmental conditions of the ecosystem. Thus the small beautiful diamond has a huge impact on nature. 


Why Rahi impex?

Rahi Impex is one of the known lab grown diamond manufacturers which provides you a variety of CVD diamonds in different colours and shapes that would lead to beautiful rings and other jewellery. These diamonds are more lustrous and affordable than real diamonds as well as the manufacturing of this diamond doesn’t even harm nature. You can easily buy lab grown diamond in your favourite shape and colour from here. 

CVD diamonds are manufactured through technical processes and go under different conditions such as testing and pressure treatment. If you are interested to buy CVD diamond then you can easily buy them from Rahi Impex, which is a trusted CVD diamond manufacturer in India. So take one step ahead to save our nature and environment by choosing CVD diamonds over real diamonds.  


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We Provide only Eco-friendly, Pocket-friendly, and Highest Quality Lab-grown diamonds.