USD Price List of Round Shape {DEFG Color}

230 $
190 $
160 $
+2 -6.5
150 $
130 $
105 $
+6.5 -11
150 $
130 $
105 $
+11 -14
200 $
160 $
130 $
+14 -16
240 $
210 $
175 $
18 to 22
305 $
270 $
225 $
23 to 29
365 $
320 $
270 $
30 to 39
430 $
365 $
335 $
40 to 49
480 $
415 $
380 $
50 to 59
555 $
510 $
445 $
60 to 69
670 $
635 $
605 $
70 to 1 carat
1 carat to 2 carat
1900 $
1600 $
2 to 3 carat
2500 $
2300 $
2100 $
4 to 5 carat


A lab grown diamond is just like a mined diamond almost entirely, except for a few factors like inclusions and formation. Due to these reasons, lab grown diamonds are not sold at the same price as natural diamonds.


Diamond carat

The most important of the 4Cs of a diamond, carat is the size of the diamond or its weight. A 1-carat lab grown or natural diamond will weigh 200mg and a 2 carat one will be double the weight- 400 mg. Likewise, with the rise in carat, the weight doubles.

Interestingly, the carat size is always not a round figure. You can find synthetic diamonds in other carat values such as 1.70 or 2.20. This is because they are to be used and sold for all purposes like natural diamonds which also come with imperfect carat weights.


Is carat direclty proportional to quality?

No, unlike the common perception, an increase in carat does not guarantee an increase in quality. Yes, a higher carat value denotes a larger size, and this increases the rarity of the diamond as well. However, the clarity might get compromised with the rise in carat. Hence, you need to find the balance between clarity and carat to conclude the best price of your chosen lab grown diamond.

At Rahi impex, we help our customers by giving them the needed information both verbally and physically (guarantee reports). You can clarify your doubts by gaining information directly from our diamond experts.


The Colour of the diamond is another factor that determines the price. The rarer the color, the higher will be the diamond price. In natural diamonds, the color blue is considered to be precious of all as they are found only on the rarest of occasions. Hence, their replication through the machine will also reflect the same. Moreover, certain colors add more beauty to the stone than others making them more valuable.


Inclusions are part of diamonds whether natural or man-made. If you are to buy lab grown diamonds in India, you will be amazed at the range of stones you can get. But, make sure, that price you pay is fixed only after all the imperfections are taken into consideration. Inclusions that develop during the origination process inside the machines will be unnoticeable by naked eyes but will significantly reduce the brightness of the diamond. So if you are ready to make some sacrifices, you can buy a lab grown diamond that gives you satisfaction and that too at a price way lower than you expect.


The chiseling of diamonds is essential in giving the diamond its shape. The cuts are of many types from round to heart. Round cuts even though are common are priced more than other cuts. The same goes for solitaire cuts as well. This is because when compared to others, the elegance added by these is more. Engagement rings are often in search of beautiful round lab grown diamonds that can adorn its body making them high in demand.

Moreover, the amount of stone wasted while being carved also influences the cost. Lab grown diamond wholesalers and lab grown diamond manufacturers have experts who look into the designs and give the idea as to how the cutting needs to be done depending upon the inherent features of the diamond. Thus cutting is not mere cleaving of the stone, but a method that develops something stunning revealing its identity.

Rapaport List

Rapaport list is the international benchmark established in the year 1978 by Pearl. Mr. Martin Rapaport for natural diamond sellers and lab grown diamond manufacturers and lab grown diamond suppliers to put a price for their products depending upon the market demand and supply of these stones in the world markets. This list is issued every week showcasing the price trends of that week. Lab grown diamond retailers and wholesalers use this list as a primary source to fix their diamond price.

Note: Rapoport prices reflect only the 3Cs out of the four – Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

Apart from all these major factors, there are a few others such as

Retailer’s expense

The expense involved in establishing the needed facilities to carry forward the business.

Trading cost

The cost involved in terms of the operations, transportation, delivery, packaging, and exporting.


the higher the fluorescence, the lesser will be the price. Thus lighter diamonds are costlier than tinged ones.


“Excellent” cuts lab grown diamonds are priced more than “Good” cut lab grown diamonds.

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