Can I get lab grown diamonds in different colours?

Yes, absolutely you can. Lab created diamonds are made to satisfy the diamond requirements of the customers. Hence, with the help of technology, variants in colour have also been developed. They come in colours such as red, yellow, brown, blue, pink, blue, green etc.

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Do lab grown diamonds change colour with time?

No, lab grown diamonds do not change colour with time, as they are made of the same constituents as natural diamonds and share the same physical and chemical properties. They are pure and stay the same till the end of time.

Are lab grown diamond fake diamonds?

No, lab created diamonds are real as much as natural diamonds. They are sturdy and reflect light similar to how a naturally obtained polished stone would.

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Are lab grown diamonds a good investment?

When compared to natural diamonds, artificial diamonds cost less. Moreover, unlike the former, their price does not vary with the change in economic conditions. The chances of their value getting appreciated are very minimal and hence cannot be considered as a good investment.

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What are synthetic diamonds mainly used for?

Synthetic diamonds are used as tools for polishing and cutting. However, lab grown diamonds also make excellent studs for engagement rings making them a highly demanded product in the diamond market.

Are lab created diamond the same as moissanite?

While a diamond is made of carbon, moissanite is made of silica and carbon. Moissanite occurs naturally yet is very rare to find. Hence, they are now made in labs just like a synthetic diamond. However, in terms of sturdiness, moissanite falls behind lab grown diamonds and reflects light quite differently from diamonds. Even white moissanite has a yellowish or grayish touch to it rendering it less preferable to a diamond.

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How long does it take to make one lab grown diamond?

Unlike natural rough stones which take millions of years for formation, lab created diamonds are made within a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

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Compared to natural diamonds, how cheaper are synthetic diamonds?

Made in labs, artificial diamonds are 15 to 30% less in price than natural diamonds. However, in terms of quality and clarity, they stand at par or even above natural diamonds.

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Do lab grown diamonds need certifications?

Yes, they do need to be certified like natural diamonds. Certifications establish a guarantee for the credibility of the diamond whether natural or synthetic. Certifications are decided based on the 4Cs of a diamond. At Rahi impex we provide you only certified diamonds by reputable institutions such as IGI, AGS, GIA, and EGL.

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Is it possible for me to insure and appraise a lab grown diamond?

Yes, you can get your lab grown diamond appraised and insured. Even though they might not fetch you as much as a natural diamond, you can get them insured and get an amount back enough to cover the cost of the diamond and a considerable portion of the insurance money spent on it.


It is very hard to distinguish between a lab grown and a natural diamond because they are made of the same basic constituent- carbon. As the optical and physical properties are the same, even the experts find it difficult to tell them apart at the first glance. However, with time and proper inspection experts in the lab grown diamond manufacturing companies can point out which one is which.

You can buy lab grown diamonds online. Find the best lab grown diamond manufacturers in India through the internet and explore their websites to know more. However, with Rahi impex you do not have to go search for any other as we offer the best lab created diamonds in the market.

While you are looking to buy a lab grown diamond, you have to focus on factors such as colour, clarity, cut, price, carat weight, the shape of the stone, certification and grading allotted to the diamond. And the most important of all, choose the right diamond manufacturer.

The best lab grown diamond manufacturers in India are found in Surat, Gujarat. Surat has been serving the diamond requirements of the world for many decades now. Established in 1997, Rahi impex has managed to be a prominent name among the top lab grown diamond manufacturers in the country.

Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and conflict-free in their formation making them better alternatives than their natural counterparts. They are purer and guilt-free than natural diamonds.

Yes, you can. Just like you buy a lab grown diamond for an affordable price, you can resell the same but for not a high amount like in the case of natural diamonds.


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