Green lab grown diamond


Natural green diamonds are difficult to find, but lab-grown green diamonds are easier. A jeweler can shop lab-grown green diamonds in the desired size, carat, and price range. Green diamond jewelry attracts more attention and raises the worth of accessories. Diamonds with fancy green colors are used in all types of jewelry. They are worn as timepieces, pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings. They are also employed in a variety of settings, including signet rings, pendants, and inlay work. Fancy green colored diamonds are used to make vintage-style diamond jewelry.  Diamonds are frequently set in silver and gold. However, more people are employing green diamonds made in laboratories as a sculptural material for materials like glass and stone. The majority of diamonds are set in gold, which is typically utilized in white metal. Because of this, they are stronger and more scratch-resistant than some other substances, giving them a highly exquisite appearance. This is especially accurate for diamonds that naturally have a yellow or greenish tone. Since it is frequently mistaken for red, which stands for blood and surgery, some people believe that green is unfortunate. Others believe that red, along with yellow and blue, is among the most priceless hues.

Green lab grown diamond

Rare Piece of Beauty - Fancy Green Color Diamonds!

Because they are widely utilized in diamond necklaces, racquet bracelets, and pendant styles of fine jewelry, green diamond jewelry is in high demand. The greatest green diamonds must be able to be identified and chosen due to their color. The nicest green diamonds are totally perfect and cost nothing. When compared to naturally occurring green diamonds, which are extremely rare and hard to find, fancy green hue lab-grown diamonds are typically quite affordable. A 1-carat genuine green diamond costs about $1,20,000, but lab-grown versions are 40% less expensive. Diamonds of all sizes and carat weights, from small to large, are always in high demand in the lab grown diamond jewelry industry.

Alluring Shades of Green Lab-Grown Diamonds!

 The various categories of green fancy and color diamonds, such as light green, very light green, deep green, yellow-green, intense green, light yellow -green, and vivid green are described by the color scale grade.

Light Green Diamonds

Diamonds with light green color are referred to as fancy light green color diamonds. This diamond is a very pale shade of green with a touch of blue. One of the least expensive fancy green diamonds, the color is significantly lighter than most other green diamonds.

Deep Green Lab-Grown Diamonds

The emerald or forest green hues in the deep green colored diamonds give them a dark coloration. Among the most popular sorts is the color, and the price range is reasonable.

Very Light Green Color Diamonds

Light green is a strong green color with a yellow undertone that is available in very light tints. Very light green gems in this tint are typically used as necklace side gems to increase attractiveness.

Yellow-Green Color Diamonds

The yellow-green colored diamonds come in a variety of hues, including deep emerald green and forest yellow-green. Typically, it is slightly yellower in tone than deep green.

Light Yellow-Green Color Diamonds

The light yellow-green diamonds have lighter tones but are the same color as the light green diamonds.

Intense Green Color Diamonds

The very green gems have a vivid green hue with a pronounced yellow undertone. This variety of diamonds has a strong yellow color, hence the name “intense green.

Vivid Green Color Diamonds


The intensely yellow-hued, very dark color tone of the brilliant green gems is typical. These diamonds are a rich, vivid shade of dark emerald or forest green. The name “vivid green” refers to how it appears when viewed with the naked eye, and the yellow tones also become more vibrant as a result.Transparent to translucent green diamonds with good color and clarity are the most loved green diamonds. The price of fancy vivid or strong deep green-colored diamonds with visible inclusions will be significantly lower than that of equivalent, transparent diamonds.

Shop Green Diamonds Now!

Jewelry made from green lab-grown diamonds is valued due to its allure; people prefer to use green diamond-based jewelry on special occasions and during parties. Based on the size and grade of the diamonds, the green diamonds price in India can change. High-quality large diamonds will be worth roughly 50% more than diamonds of poorer quality. Fancy green lab-grown diamonds are in greater demand than other lab created fancy colored diamonds  like orange, pink, etc. in the diamond market. White diamonds, however, are more in demand than colored diamonds in the market. This is so because the majority of customers prefer to buy a diamond that blends in and is less obvious. It can be maintained for investment purposes as well as used in any jewelry worn for any occasion.

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