Pink lab-grown diamonds created in laboratories are the Jewellery industry version of rose-colored glasses. These stones sparkle in a variety of pink shades, including blush, baby pink,and something that resembles the richest deep French rosé.Lab-created pink diamonds are found in a wide range of forms, including cushion, round, oval, and emerald. They sparkle through superbly cut facets.Lab-grown pink diamonds with the best possible color, cut, carat weight and clarity are part of our meticulously picked assortment. Jewellery designers used pink-colored diamonds to create exquisite lab-grown pink diamond rings and earrings.

Pink lab grown diamond

Pink Lab-grown Diamond - A beauty piece!

Pink lab diamonds are available in a variety of hues, including light, dark, and bright shades.Since engagement couples adore wearing lab-grown pink diamond rings on importantoccasions, the demand for pink-colored diamonds is constantly rising. Pink-colored diamonds are most frequently used as ring centers. If we were to discuss hues,light pink colored diamonds would be preferred above other types of colors.

Fascinating Shades of Pink Lab-grown Diamond

A pink diamond’s body color and tone are the two key components that affect its hue. The hue’s intensity determines the body’s color. The hue’s tone describes how dark or light it is. Viewing the diamond through a jeweler’s loupe or at minimum 10x magnification will allow you to determine both of these characteristics. This color can range from a light pink that is nearly champagne-like to a dark rose or raspberry pink. 

The diamond’s mining location has a significant impact on the body color. Diamonds that are colored artificially using a laboratory’s CVD, HPHT and LPHT processes are created in the desired shade. The following color classifications are typically used to classify lab-created pink diamonds. A diamond’s body hue and tone determine the color category it is categorized in.

Dark Pink Lab-grown Diamonds

Pink lab grown diamond

Specific diamond laboratories have labeled some incredibly dark, nearly black, intense diamonds as “fancy dark pink.” The most common place to find diamonds with this color is in Australia, where they are frequently deeper and richer in the shade than in other regions of the world.

Fancy Intense Lab Created Pink Diamonds

The majority of pink diamonds are described as “fancy vivid pink,” which denotes that they are toward the deeper end of the color spectrum.When most people encounter the term “pink,” they immediately conjure up this pink. This group of pink diamonds includes those that are light and nearly champagne-like to those that are dark rose or raspberry pink.Generally speaking, they belong in the category of fancy colors or fancy vibrant colors.

Rose Pink Lab Diamonds

This is the hue of a pink diamond that is softer and less saturated. Even if the color’s tone or hue is on the light side, it can still be referred to as a “rose.” Darker shades of color are also possible, referred to as “deep” or “vivid” roses.

Cherub Pink Lab-grown Diamonds

The most popular color is cherub pink. The most typical pink diamond will have a neutral body hue with only a faint hint of pink or red. Even though the color is less saturated, it can still be described as “light” or “cherub” pink.

After knowing every fascinating detail about pink diamonds, it is the right time to go ahead and buy best Lab-grown colored diamonds.

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