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Rahi impex is a pioneer in lab grown diamond manufacturing. We have dedicated our trade to creating a world where everyone can afford luxury. For us, lab grown diamond stands for equity and innocence. And as a result, our diamonds are perfect gem quality stones, one of the bests you can find in the country.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers in India are famous for creating gems that are top-notch in terms of quality and beauty. And among them, there are a few who have made their mark owning the business from the very beginning till the end. Rahi impex is proud to say that we are one among these lab grown diamond manufacturers who excels in every stage of diamond manufacturing from formation till distribution.

Lab Grown Diamond
CVD diamond

Assurance to the core.

To buy lab grown diamond is not that hard given you are at the right place. A lab grown diamond manufacturer needs to follow certain essential qualities that make them trustworthy and dependable to potential customers. We are an ethical lab grown diamond manufacturer in india who believes in giving only the best to our clients. Our HPHT and CVD diamonds come with a guarantee establishing the genuineness to even the minutest atom that makes up the gem.

A big world to explore

We focus on experimenting with our products to make our trade better each day. Using sophisticated technology and experts’ knowledge each diamond is created in a way that it mesmerizes the eye of the beholder. We have several collections of lab grown diamonds in various colors, shapes, cut, and clarity, making our store a place for the buyer to travel the depths of creativity mixed with alluring beauty.

Lab Grown Diamond
Lab Grown Diamond
Excellent eye for details

Our group of experts looks into every step ensuring that the development of the diamonds does not falter at any stage. From the selection of diamond seeds to the package reaching the customer’s door, we have proficient eyes that keep a tab on everything to help in the smooth sail of the business. And this is why those who approach us with the hope of finding their flawless diamond are listened to and served with care.

Standards that speak volumes.

Be it the HPHT lab grown diamonds or CVD synthetic diamonds, our products can pass any test that you put them through. In terms of quality and charisma, they are the example of how ideal something can be. Made in machines that are built for making stones that carry the same physical, optical and chemical characteristics of a natural diamond, our lab grown diamonds tell you a lot more than the shine they exude. To know their aura, do make a visit to our store or peek into our collection on our website and get in touch with us. Our lab grown diamonds are waiting for you.

Lab Grown Diamond


We Provide only Eco-friendly, Pocket-friendly, and Highest Quality Lab-grown diamonds.