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Diamond mining has always been a controversial topic. Although Diamonds are beautiful, they also pose serious threats to our environment. There are concerns regarding their impact on ecosystems, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and wildlife habitat destruction. As a result, there is increasing demand for lab-grown diamonds.

People commonly envision synthetic diamond products like fancy engagement rings or high-end jewellery pieces when they think about lab-grown diamonds. While this might be true, many companies produce lab-grown diamonds for industrial purposes. The market for these industrial uses has been growing steadily since 2009, with demand increasing faster than supply. 

For example, only one lab-grown diamond manufacturer in India was available who sold one stone as recently as 2012, but by 2017, more than 2 million carats were sold. 

The market for a lab-grown diamond manufacturer and wholesaler in India is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, and new applications could lead to even greater growth. Many CVD diamond manufacturers in India and worldwide are developing innovative ways to take advantage of lab-grown stones. 

How are lab-grown diamonds beneficial?

Lab-grown diamonds offer several advantages over mined ones. For example, they are much cheaper, and they are also harder and stronger. You’ll need a natural diamond to cut a stone using a laser. However, the cut quality is better if you use a lab-grown gemstone because it won’t break under pressure.

CVD diamond manufacturers in Surat are slowly gaining popularity around the globe. They offer several advantages over mined ones, such as being cheaper and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, you can even get fancy colored diamonds from these labs.

Diamonds are usually mined from deep within the earth’s surface layers. This process uses huge amounts of energy and creates harmful emissions. Lab-grown diamond manufacturers in the USA create stone synthetically using carbon dioxide, water vapor, and electricity rather than mining processes. They also contain no toxic materials such as arsenic or mercury. These items make the stones safe to wear because they don’t emit dangerous toxins into the air.

There are several advantages of buying diamonds from lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India. The biggest advantage is that they cost less compared to natural diamond stones. Also, diamonds purchased from labs are 100% authentic and are GIA certified. Another benefit is that these diamonds last longer than those mined from the ground or in open mines.

Advantages of lab-grown diamonds – In Details

Lab-grown diamonds offer several advantages over natural ones. They’re cheaper and less polluting, and their production isn’t limited to specific locations like you will get CVD diamond manufacturers in Hongkong as well. They’re also the only option available for those who want conflict-free diamonds.

Diamonds produced through laboratory techniques don’t require manual labor or processes that involve crushing the stones. Hence, they are considered safer and cheaper due to lesser processing costs. In addition, they offer better durability because of the absence of flaws caused by such activities.

Lab-grown diamonds have increased durability compared to natural diamonds. Because they are man-made, these gems don’t chip or break easily and will last longer than natural ones.

Lab-grown Diamonds are produced by using cultured cells, which results in the production of 99% pure diamonds.

No chemicals are used during the process, making the diamond free of harmful effects for humans.

All diamonds produced through this method are of excellent quality and cut into perfect shapes.

These stones are certified authentic by renowned authorities around the globe.

Compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have better brilliance and fire values. They are much cheaper than mined diamonds.

Due to their purity, lab-grown diamonds are highly valuable.

They are naturally white.

Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, the raw materials needed to produce each stone are minimal. Only a few ingredients are required to create a full-carat stone. This allows offering extremely affordable pricing.

There is less chance of a conflict between miners and farmers due to the demand for cheap gems.

All stones undergo a rigorous inspection process before shipping. After being inspected, they are then individually packaged in acid-free boxes.

Each package includes a Certificate of Authenticity


Diamonds are forever. They symbolize love and commitment and are considered the ultimate treasure. However, despite their beauty, rarity and value, they don’t last forever – unlike lab-grown diamonds. When investing in diamond jewelry, you should always consider the advantages of lab-grown diamonds.


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