Rahi Impex Participated In Delhi Jewellery & Gems Fair – 2022

Rahi Impex Participated In Delhi Jewellery & Gems Fair – 2022

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Rahi Impex took part in the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi International Jewellery & Gems Show held from 10-09-2022 to 12-09-2022. We exhibited a range of higher-quality lab-grown diamonds and received excellent responses from the hosts and visitors.

The exhibition saw expert lab grown diamond manufacturers, lab grown diamond wholesalers, and lab grown diamond suppliers mingling and exploring the best quality artificial diamonds from different countries. Established jewelers graced the occasion in pursuit of exquisite diamonds and gems.

Our exhibits included HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds. We showcased the wide varieties in each. From loose artificial diamonds to sole synthetic gems that can allure anyone, we introduced many types of lab-grown diamonds to those who came in search of quality man-made gems.

The demand for lab grown diamonds is increasing. These man-made gem-quality stones are now quite popular as they are beginning to take over even natural diamonds to be studded in unique pieces of jewelry. Apart from beauty, the sustainable method of production and guilt-free nature have made them the favorite of traders and jewelers. 

Taking these into consideration, we displayed lab grown diamonds in shapes such as round, cushion, oval, pear, heart, and marquise in colors of blue, pink, black, and light red. Colorless CVD and HPHT diamonds also comprised a major portion of the exhibits.

We know it had been a valuable and blissful event, and we are very excited about this. We are also looking forward to building new relationships that could help our growth in the years to come.

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