Reasons to choose a lab grown diamond

Reasons To Choose A Lab Grown Diamond

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Aren’t they the perfect gems? Lab grown diamonds are quite the beauties to look at. They are shiny, flawless, and have the same aura as natural diamonds. But, have you thought about the actual reasons as to why these diamonds are becoming popular by the day. If you don’t, then this blog can help!

Lab grown diamonds are chosen over natural diamonds due to their environment-friendly method of production. Moreover, the making of the gems is cost-friendly and does not involve years, unlike natural diamonds. Apart from these reasons, there are a few other factors to choose a lab grown diamond over a mined one.

They are eco-friendly!

Artificial diamonds are eco-friendly. They do not harm nature in the course of their production. Lab-grown diamond manufacturers follow strict measures and ensure that the process does not leave any bad mark on the environment.

Environmental impacts of diamond mining such as soil erosion, deforestation, destruction of habitats and ecosystems that lasts for years can be avoided with lab grown diamonds.

The amount of mineral waste that is left behind by mined diamonds is quite huge. This can affect the environment badly and remain in the soil for a long time. As opposed to a 1 ct natural diamond that leaves approximately 2500 kg of mineral waste, the same carat lab grown diamond leaves only around 500 kg of the same.

Comes with no guilt!

Yes, that is right. Lab grown diamonds are guilt-free. As mining is not a part of the manufacturing, lab grown diamonds do not involve a lot of risks that are included in the production of natural diamonds.

Human labour exploitation and child labour are never a part of lab grown diamond manufacturing. As the process is completely machine-oriented, the question of the involvement of human hands does not arise.

Moreover, the easy manufacturing procedure means less time for development from the seed to the final form. Since they are made within a few months they easily cater to the demand frequency in the diamond market.

Save a lot of energy!

Lab grown diamond manufacturers ensure that the manufacturing happens with minimal effort. Moreover, they try to keep the cost of production as low as possible.

The utilization of resources such as water and energy for lab grown diamond manufacturing is significantly less when compared to natural diamond polishing.

These artificial gems produce 2.5 km of carbon per carat which is 5 percent lesser than natural diamonds. This is so because the diamond seeds used for lab grown diamond production are taken from the mined natural stones.

Also, the production of sulfur oxide, a harmful gas that can affect the respiratory system is not an issue with lab grown diamonds whereas, natural diamond produces 13 kg of sulfur oxide on average.

They are pocket friendly

Due to the added advantages in the making, the lab grown diamond manufacturers set the market price for these gems lesser than that for natural diamonds.

They come at almost 30% lesser cost and can be afforded by those who find natural diamonds to be too expensive. However, the price being low does not compromise the quality in any way. Lab grown diamonds are as authentic as the mined ones.

Hence, when you decide to buy lab grown diamonds, you need not worry too much about the price as these are super budget-friendly gems!

Quality is top-notch!

Even if the price is less, the clarity and cut of a lab grown diamond are no less than a brilliantly cut natural diamond. In fact, these artificial gems are known for their inclusion-free texture.

As the lab grown diamonds are made with exact measurements in a controlled environment, they tend to have a much clearer crystal appearance reflecting light perfectly. In some cases, the lab made gems are much more superior in looks and give out a much better aura than natural diamonds.

Therefore, there is a high chance that a lab grown diamond ring might give you better satisfaction than a natural stone-studded one. last

Available in a wide variety

As these are made in labs, they are developed in the way the market needs them. Lab grown diamonds are made in a variety of colors, types, and sizes.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers can easily make diamonds that are similar to rare natural diamonds that can cost you a fortune. For instance, blue natural diamonds are considered to be one of the most precious stones on Earth as they are not easily produced through natural conditions. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand can create a blue diamond that has better qualities than the natural ones without much expense or difficulty.

In terms of sizes and shapes, due to the technology innovation, there is nothing that is impossible in lab grown diamond manufacturing. With each passing year, due to the in-depth studies and experiments that are carried in the field, the lab grown diamond manufacturing has been seeing a lot of significant changes. The years to come are to witness even more!

Lab grown diamonds are therefore the right choice to meet demands that arise either from the business or fashion world.

So where can I get the best lab grown diamond?

Well, you do not have to go far for this! India is a major lab grown diamond manufacturer. The Asian nation is known for the excellent quality lab grown diamonds that are used in various fields.

To buy lab grown diamonds in India find the best lab grown  diamond manufacturers in the country from various sources and try to get to know the products.

Things you need to keep in mind while finding the perfect lab grown diamond manufacturer:

  • Make sure they provide products that are backed by a guarantee.
  • Ensure that they are not overcharging Compare the rate with the market price of the same product.
  • Try to go through the reviews available about the manufacturer on the internet.
  • If possible, make a visit to the place, engage in conversation, and check the product quality for better conviction.


Lab grown diamonds have numerous reasons that make them the better choice. They are green and give you everything that you look for in a gem. Be it a lab grown diamond ring or pendant, the shine will be flawless making you feel at the top of the world!

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