An Ethical Wonder Called Lab Grown Diamond

An Ethical Wonder Called Lab Grown Diamond

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The world is looking for ways to reduce the harm that humans put on nature and many marvel discoveries have helped to achieve the same. Lab created diamond is one among them. Astonishing as they are to look at, these gem-quality stones are one of the greenest products you can find today.

Lab-created diamonds are ethical in numerous ways. They are made in laboratories, in safe environments, and do not involve human labor in any stage of their development. Moreover, the energy involved in their making is less compared to the same used in the excavation of natural diamonds. Similarly, there are many positives to lab grown diamonds that are making them the new face of luxury.

Birthplace: Machines

Well….duh! They are made in laboratories. Who does not know that? But that is not just it. These stones are the products of strict calculations made with the help of machines developed to duplicate the same atmosphere that gives birth to diamonds deep inside the Earth. Hence, lab grown diamond manufacturers are recreating a natural phenomenon inside four walls, within sophisticated machines.

Nature, therefore, is not a part of the origin of synthetic diamonds. If you go to buy lab grown diamonds anywhere in the world you can be sure that you are not taking anything that was commodified after being cut from nature’s womb. 

Origin: Guilt-free

They are not excavated from the layers of the Earth like natural diamonds. And this makes them guilt-free. Humans are not a part of the procedure. Laborers are not getting into mines, digging the soil in dangerous situations that leave their life miserable in different ways. Mine accidents claim numerous lives every year. Moreover, tackling child labor as a part of mining activities took years of effort yet persists in some corners of the world.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers are not involved in such situations during the process of development of these gem-quality stones. Once the diamond seed is placed, the rest of the procedure completely happens inside the contraption. 

Nature: Eco-friendly

Natural diamonds demand a lot of energy for their excavation. Tonnes of earth are removed in order to reach the layer that has a small number of diamonds. And for the process, a huge amount of energy is consumed. The machinery involved is huge and fossil fuels are rapidly consumed for mining and excavations of diamonds.

Moreover, the deep cavities that mining creates on the Earth surface lead to immense negative impacts on nature. Ecosystems and animals are disturbed due to deforestation and natural calamities like landslides and floods are the results in the long term. 

In addition to this, certain chemicals are left behind after mining that affects the rocks and soil called acid rock drainage. This is highly harmful to the nature.

Lab created diamonds are helping to reduce all these. Lab grown diamond wholesalers or lab grown diamond suppliers are just transporting the diamonds from the laboratories to the customers. No harm is being done anywhere in the supply chain, unlike the rigorous activities that bring the natural diamonds that travel a long journey to reach their final destinations.

To Wrap Up

If you go to buy lab created diamonds anywhere in India, you will get to see varieties in shapes, colors, and sizes. Innovations are being done on the stones for the potential to take over the fashion industry is very high. Given the ethical benefits such as the ones mentioned in the blog, choosing lab created diamonds over natural ones is one of the most practical decisions you can make in your lifetime.

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