5 mistakes to avoid while buying your lab-grown diamond

5 mistakes to avoid while buying your lab-grown diamond

Buying lab-grown diamonds is no uphill task. They are real diamonds and can be bought like you buy naturally mined diamonds from a jeweler.

However, many fail to look into certain things that might affect their lab-grown diamond selection. These mistakes can be avoided if you are aware they are.

This blog is going to tell you exactly what these mistakes are and how to avoid them. So keep reading and see how you become an expert lab-grown diamond buyer by the time you read the last line of the blog.

#1 Not diving into it.

Not doing thorough research before you buy a product makes you a handicapped buyer. You are not aware of the product and the producer thereby you are lacking the essential knowledge to select the best product that satisfies your needs.

You can start by knowing what lab-grown diamonds are, how they are developed, and what makes them real. By learning this, you are educating yourself that you cannot be taken advantage of when you approach a lab-grown diamond supplier.

Yes, you can be tricked. If you are looking to buy lab-grown diamonds in India you are lucky to have so many options for sellers, however, there are imposters that you need to keep an eye out for.

Diamond simulants look the same as real diamonds. As lab-grown diamonds are ordered online, you might not have a chance to touch and feel them in your hands before you buy them. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine lab-grown diamond manufacturer. Ask them to produce the needed details to establish their genuineness.

By keeping yourself aware of the diamond’s qualities and what makes them valuable you can ensure that you are not getting played.

# 2 Not knowing the 4Cs

Knowing the 4Cs works like a map helping you reach your destination. And not analyzing them can lead you the wrong way. The 4Cs of a diamond are cut, clarity, carat, and color. These elements define the character of a diamond which gets reflected in the price. Each of the C speaks of a quality that makes a diamond the valuable stone it is. Therefore when you go buy lab-grown diamonds in India, make sure to approach only the best of the lab-grown diamond manufacturers who can help you get to identify the 4Cs to ensure that you are asked to pay what the stone is worth.

#3 Overlooking the guarantee reports

Most of us are lazy to read the instructions that come along with the product when we buy them.

Lab-grown diamonds also come with certain papers that prove their worthiness. These details are vital for a buyer and a manufacturer at the same time for these are grading reports produced by diamond grading institutions that are acknowledged as the official graders of diamonds.

GIA, AGS, and IGI are some of the most common names that you get to see. These labs have sophisticated technology that can determine the value of a diamond whether natural or man-made.

After the examination of the diamonds, each detail will be noted on a report in a way that a person who reads it can understand everything about the quality of the diamond.

Make sure to ask the lab-grown diamond supplier or the lab-grown diamond wholesaler to produce the report of each diamond that you buy.

#4 Not understanding your budget

When you go to buy lab-grown diamonds, you are aware that you would not have to spend as much when compared to naturally mined diamonds.

But often this would not be enough. Lab-grown diamond comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and clarities. Hence, each diamond is priced based on all these factors.

Study your budget well so that when you approach a lab-grown diamond supplier or wholesaler you can convey your needs and specify your budget making it easy for them to provide you with the best that you can afford.

If you are low on budget, opt for low-grade diamonds. The higher the presence of inclusions (marks on the surface) the lower will be the price. However, this does not mean they are too far from perfect. Naked eyes can hardly discern inclusions.

#5 Not going with multiple sellers

A simple yet very important thing. Most of the customers stick to one supplier. Not every lab-grown diamond manufacturer will be having all the types.

When you decide on the type of diamond, do not budge on what a single supplier says and end up choosing not the one you had in mind. Try approaching more than one supplier and finding the best diamond that matches your needs.


To buy lab-grown diamonds you do not need to be an expert. Do keep an eye out for all these and you are good to go.

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