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Yes, you read that right. HPHT diamonds take birth in fire. As the name suggests, these shiny stones are
made at high temperatures and high pressure making them extremely valuable and worthy of their price.
Born in an artificial environment that is similar to the natural conditions that give birth to natural stones,
the HPHT diamond is a wonder by itself. They are incredibly shiny and the clarity is quite out of the
To know about these amazing gems, read further…

The Birth of HPHT diamond

The idea for a diamond to be made with machines was first thought of by a man named Howard Tracy
Hall. Born to a family of railroad employees, little Hall grew up to be a graduate in Chemistry and
completed a doctorate in Physical Chemistry.
His educational background and his interest took him to New York where he joined as a researcher in
the General Electric Research Laboratory. And this is where the invention eventually happened. Hall
along with a group of researchers from various backgrounds spend days and nights experimenting with a
solution for alternative sources of diamonds to be used for industrial purposes.
Till then it was De Beers, a diamond mining company that served 80% of the diamond demand. Mining
diamonds for industrial use was becoming uneconomical and hence another way to meet the growing
demand was the need of the hour. This desperation made a few minds work together and come up with
a viable solution. Hall and his team failed multiple times. In fact, the design of the machine that was used to make the diamonds were altered and modified numerous times. Each time they hoped for a positive result but
went in vain. Finally, it was in a cold December in 1954 that Hall managed to make the first synthetic diamond ever to be made. This was made using the HPHT method. By applying almost 1600 degrees Celsius at a very high
temperature, a few crystals of diamond were produced inside four walls for the very first time. The team
was happy that their hard work could see a result after years of effort.
It was in the year 1955 that the company officially announced to the world its success and shared
about this groundbreaking invention.
Since then the HPHT method of making diamonds started serving many industries including jewelry, oil,
stone quarrying, and aerospace. This method of making diamonds began to gain traction from different

As diamond mining leaves irrevocable marks on nature, the world was relieved to have found a method
to make diamonds artificially.
From the 1990s HPHT diamonds became commercially available. By this time, HPHT diamonds took the
true gem quality like natural diamonds.

How are HPHT Diamonds Made?

HPHT diamonds are cultivated inside a chamber. Graphite or a source of carbon along with other
materials is placed inside a chamber that is crafted to create a highly intense atmosphere close to how
natural diamonds are made. Moreover, a molten catalyst is also used to build upon the diamond seed.
When put in high temperature and pressure the molten catalyst works upon the diamond seed resulting
in diamond growth. The carbon particles diffuse into the molten catalyst resulting in a raw diamond.
This stone is then polished and cut to make it fit for other purposes.
The process takes a few weeks. An HPHT diamond of 150 -160 carat takes 15 – 30 days to form.
The easy manufacturing process helps to meet the diamond demand at a faster pace than natural

The Variations

Yes, as a buyer who would like to see variations and a wide range in the products that you go for, HPHT
diamonds are sure not to disappoint you. Due to technological advancements and ongoing research on
the development of these lab-grown diamonds, HPHT diamonds are today available in different shapes, sizes, and

The presence of impurities like nitrogen and boron within the growth system gives shade to the
diamond. For instance, nitrogen gives a shade of yellow while boron imparts a touch of blue.
Controlling the impurities is a way of deciding the color variation. The level of impurities in a diamond
thus depicts the intensity of its color. The improvement in the technology that is used and the
betterments in the technique involved have also resulted in colorless HPHT diamonds. They are more
valuable than colored ones as they come with fewer impurities which are rare to find. The rarity makes
them priceless and comparatively costlier than colored HPHT diamonds. The shapes are yet another interesting fact about HPHT diamonds. Be it ovular, rectangular, or round, these artificial diamonds are always in demand. Round HPHT diamonds adorn engagement rings better than ovular ones hence they are demanded more reflecting the same in their price.

Shapes of HPHT diamonds do not end here. If you are a little romantic then you can choose a heart-
shaped HPHT diamond that can stay the same till the end of time.

Pros of HPHT diamonds

HPHT diamonds come with some very strong advantages that make them popular.

They are stronger!

Yes, these laboratory-made diamonds are stronger than natural diamonds. The obvious reason is that
they stay in the same form they are made. Natural diamonds go through a lot before reaching the
earth’s top layer. By this time, they tend to have lost some of their robustness. In fact, some natural
rough stones do not survive this difficult journey and perish on the way.

Shines better!

HPHT diamonds are flawless. Their shine is something that keeps them the favorite of this generation.
Most of the HPHT diamonds come out to be Type II when treated. And these are the purest forms of
diamond on the earth. Among natural diamonds, it is extremely rare to find such pure stones. HPHT
diamonds are therefore whiter and brighter than natural diamonds.

They do not hurt your wallet!

Being synthetic in nature, these beauties are never going to hurt your wallet. They cost much less than
mined diamonds. You can own HPHT diamonds at a 30% lesser price without compromising the quality
of a real gem. Well, that is something, ain’t it?

They are green!

This is something that goes without saying. Artificial diamonds are known for their eco-friendly ways of
production. HPHT diamonds are therefore nature friendly. As these are made in labs, nature is not a part
of their origin nor does it involve human hands in any stage of their production. They are guilt-free in every
The Best Source of HPHT Diamonds in India

HPHT diamond manufacturers are not rare in the country. Most of Europe and the Middle East today
depend on India for gem-quality HPHT diamonds. Indian HPHT diamonds are known for their cut and

You can get quality HPHT diamonds from traditional lab-grown diamond manufacturers. They are proficient in
diamond making and have years of experience in the field making them qualified to serve you the best
HPHT diamonds you can get anywhere on earth.

To Wrap Up

HPHT diamonds show how far humans have come far in terms of technology. They are a marvel and
continue to amaze humans with their extraordinary capability to replace naturally made rough stones.
Keep all the hesitations away and buy HPHT diamonds without a second thought. They are the true
gems that you are looking for!

Rahi Impex serves HPHT diamonds in various shapes, carats, and colors. We have been in the field
for some years through which we have explored and studied HPHT diamonds in depth. They are
crafted with state-of-art technology to suit your needs. 

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