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What Makes CVD Diamond A Better Choice Than Others?

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CVD diamonds are a type of synthetic diamond. Introduced as a much cheaper method of production than HPHT, which was the first method invented to produce man-made diamonds, the process is considered to be the most reliable method to produce synthetic diamonds today.

What are CVD diamonds?

CVD stands for Chemical Vapour Disposition. Unlike the HPHT method of making diamonds, CVD makes use of equipment that is less sophisticated rendering their cost of production less. For lab grown diamond manufacturers, this is a major reason why CVD diamonds are becoming increasingly preferable over others, even HPHT.

A diamond seed travels through the following steps before it becomes a complete CVD diamond:

  1. The diamond seed is placed inside a vacuum chamber.
  2. The temperature inside the chamber is increased up to more than 800 degrees Celsius.
  3. A carbon rich gas usually methane is then used to fill the chamber.
  4. With the effect of the high temperature, the gas gets ionized and the carbon particles break into fragments coating the diamond seed making it grow in size.
  5. This process will continue for a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks for the diamond to reach its final form.

Are CVD diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, CVD diamonds are real diamonds. They are the same as naturally derived diamonds. CVD diamonds only differ from mined diamonds in how they take origin.

When a natural diamond takes billion of years to reach its final stage, the same is achieved by a CVD diamond within a few weeks. But that does not mean they are less in quality, brilliance, or shine. They have the exact same chemical, physical and optical properties as that of a mined diamond.

Due to their similar characteristics, it is difficult to tell them apart from mined diamonds without the aid of experts and devices that can determine the minute attributes of the gems.

Are they purer than natural diamonds?

According to the CVD Diamond manufacturers in India, these gem-quality stones are crafted with care and craftsmanship that make them flawless and to a large extent free from inclusions or other marks.

Inclusions are the marks that mined diamonds develop in the process of origination. They are therefore the signatures left behind by the nature on these stones. Similarly, man-made diamonds also come with such flaws. But, here the intensity would be less.

A controlled atmosphere set up to reproduce the natural conditions that give birth to mined diamonds is apt for making gem-quality stones with minimal inclusions or flaws. From the temperature to the constituents that come into play, everything is done as specified on paper. Therefore, CVD diamonds are one of the perfect groups of diamonds you can find on the planet.

So, do they shine better?

Yes! It is not wrong to say that CVD diamonds shine better than their natural counterparts. However, generalizing the statement might be wrong. The minimal presence of inclusions or other similar attributes means a better pathway for the reflected rays of light resulting in the brilliance that can mesmerize the eyes of the beholder.

Diamonds are classified into different categories. Type II diamonds are the ones that are tested to be the purest among all. These categories are found both in natural and man-made diamonds. And CVD diamonds are no exception. If lucky enough, the CVD diamond manufacturer you approach might have a good collection of these exceptional gems.

But, CVD diamonds environment-friendly?

Oh, they are very much so! CVD diamond manufacturers in India and around the world are contributing to the well-being of mankind through the creation of these gem-quality beauties.

Mining has a lot of negative impacts– deforestation, landslides, chemicals that affect the soil, exploitation of human labor.

CVD diamond suppliers or manufacturers are providing you with products that are guilt-free. CVD diamonds are made in secure laboratories, far from the bosom of nature, where no human is forced to do vicious activities, no animals harmed nor their habitats destroyed. Hence, when you buy a CVD diamond, you are taking the better path. A path to conservation.

To wrap up

Going to buy CVD diamonds in India is like going to the field and plucking apples right from the trees -fresh and raw. Being one of the major lab-grown diamond manufacturers in the world, India has an amazing collection of CVD diamonds that are always in demand across the world. Make sure to approach the right diamond manufacturer who is can give you the guarantee that you are buying a real valuable CVD diamond.

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