The History of lab-grown diamonds

The History of Lab grown diamonds

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Diamond is one of the most precious gems on the planet. And nowadays these diamonds have switched to lab grown diamonds that don’t affect nature. There are lab grown diamond manufacturer and wholesaler dealing with a variety of lab-grown diamonds that are precious and sparkling. The diamonds are manufactured in different shapes and colours that give you a lot of desired options.

The Past of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The myth is that diamonds are only available to the wealthy and royal families, but this is not true.The diamond industry is flourishing, and it’s impressive to see a wide range of diamonds and gemstones available. Today’s millennial generation is aware of their options and is familiar with the various diamonds on the market. However, in order to provide them with something affordable, CVD diamonds were invented.

The CVD diamond manufacturer in India uses modern technology and techniques to make a beautiful lab-grown diamond. As you know, the mining of diamonds is a very tough process that leads to soil erosion and other harmful effects on nature. These man-made diamonds are not harmful to nature and are a bit less expensive as compared to natural diamonds.

Production of lab-grown diamonds

The lab grown diamond manufacturer in India and throughout the globe produces these diamonds through technological processes. With the use of different methods, these diamonds are made. The original method used high temperatures and high pressure to create the diamond. Another process is chemical vapour deposition, which is popularly known as CVD.

In this method, the diamond is grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. To create a CVD diamond, the substrate is prepared; various amounts of gases are combined in the chamber and then energised to create a sparkling diamond.The CVD diamond manufacturer Surat, usually uses these techniques to produce the shining substance.

Lab Grown Diamond vs Natural Diamonds

Since the early 1940s, lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as man-made or synthetic diamonds, have seen progress. In the beginning, it was used only as an industrial diamond for various industrial purposes. The turning point came when GE created its own lab-grown diamond in December 1954 and later made an official announcement of the lab-made diamond in February 1955.

During wartime, a handful of diamond mining companies were not able to fulfil the need for a reliable, cost-effective, and consistent supply of diamonds. It was in the late 1980s when gem-quality lab-grown diamonds were made commercially available. Later on, the demand for lab-grown diamonds increased and people started buying them.

Today, you can get your favourite diamonds from different websites like, which offers you a wide range of CVD diamonds. The process of growing these diamonds has made them popular all around the globe, due to which you can now see lab grown diamond manufacturers in the USA and CVD diamond manufacturers in Hong Kong providing you the best diamonds in the world.

With the increase of lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India, people have become more aware of their choices and they now love to buy lab grown diamonds online from particular websites.

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