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lab grown diamond is like a test tube baby. Born pure and free of any contamination, these gem quality stones are excellent for adorning your jewelry. From necklaces to engagement rings, these stones are now used everywhere as a substitute for mined diamonds. Beautiful as they are, these stones can get filthy easily. But there are often ways to keep them bright and shiny if you are ready to follow certain tips that we are going to tell you through this blog. So, let’s see what they are:

Be careful, they can chip!

Lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds are the hardest objects found on the earth. But that does not mean they cannot chip off. If a cutter can slice off a part of a diamond then you can also do the same if you accidentally hit the lab grown diamond somewhere hard. So be very careful while you handle these diamonds. Give extra care, especially around the girdle, the edges and the culet for these areas are thin in width and as a result, are very weak and vulnerable. Lab grown diamond manufacturer and lab grown diamond suppliers take precautions while exporting the diamonds to faraway places. To prevent any sort of damage they are kept in good secure boxes that will ensure that the diamonds stay intact. Keep them away from dust! Like your skin, lab grown diamonds can also be affected by atmospheric impurities. Protect your lab grown diamonds from dust and smoke for these can tarnish the shine temporarily. As Mentioned in the previous section, a coating of dirt will diminish the luster. And this is why you see that the diamonds are always kept inside glass boxes or bags by the lab grown diamond manufacturers.

Avoid touching them!

Yes, they are alluring, but do not fall for that and touch these stones. Lab grown diamonds can repel water, but they can easily catch grease. And this can diminish their glow. When you touch the polished surface of a diamond the oil or grease from your fingers can get transferred to its surface thereby creating a coat of filth. If you are not careful, then this coating can get thicker as you keep touching the stones without giving a care. Imagine the effect that this can have on the luster. Store them like nothing else. We compared these stones to test-tube babies. Well, they are to be stored like how you take care of a baby too. If you go to buy lab grown diamonds in India, you will get to see how the lab grown diamond manufacturers exhibit these synthetic diamonds. They are kept in utmost safety and security. Mostly you will find them wrapped in fabric-lined bags or clothes. Covered in soft clothes, diamonds are safe from external hard surfaces or other objects, thereby preventing any chances of getting scratches or other similar blemishes. Moreover, it is often advised to keep diamonds in separate bags. Each diamond should be kept in its bag or compartment in a box away from other diamonds or gems.

Clean them with a soft touch.

Yes, these stones need to be handled with care while cleaning. Use hard bristle brushes to dust off the dirt can result in scratches or marks on the diamond surface. Cleaning these shiny gems is not a difficult task. Mild soap will do the trick. Mix this liquid in water and use the solution to wash off the filth with a soft brush and clean water. Ensure that you do not press hard against the gem while doing so. Do not use chemical solutions with chlorine or abrasives especially if your synthetic diamond is decked in a jewelry piece. Such chemicals might erode the metal rendering the diamond loose. Also, make sure to do this frequently to keep the diamond squeaky clean, and bright all the time. Regular cleaning will also make maintenance easier. When you are not wearing or using the diamond, make sure to keep them in places that are free of impurities.

In case you feel that your lab grown diamond needs a thorough cleaning, you can always approach a jeweler or lab grown diamond manufacturer, or lab grown diamond supplier to get it cleaned. They use ultrasonic cleaning machines are excellent in cleaning the dirt off within a few minutes.


Lab grown diamond manufacturers make these incredible synthetic stones in highly sophisticated machines. They, therefore, originate in the cleanest of environments humans can create. Hence, they need to be given the care they need to maintain their shine. Use the tips that we shared in this blog and see how you can lab grown diamonds to stay a timeless beauty.

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