How valuable is a lab created diamond?

How valuable is a lab created diamond?

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Lab grown diamonds are without a doubt taking over the diamond markets across the planet. As technology is becoming sophisticated by the day, the production of man-made diamonds has taken new leaps. Today, they are available throughout the world, in different sizes, shapes, and colors. But, have you given a thought about how valuable these pretty stones are? Do you know what determines their prices or how much value they hold if you look to resell them?

Let’s take a look in all these, shall we?

Can lab grown diamonds be equated with natural diamonds in terms of value?

No, lab created diamonds cannot be equated with natural diamonds in terms of value. Of course, you cannot put the same value for something that is made in an artificial environment against its alternative that is dug with great effort from underneath the earth’s crust using machines that are big machines and human labor.  And this is exactly why lab grown diamonds are priced 20-30% lesser than natural diamonds.

These pocket-friendly gem-quality stones are therefore preferred more than natural diamonds as they give you the same essence that natural diamonds provide at a lesser price.

In fact, these artificial diamonds are seen to have gone way down with their prices in the past few years. De Beers, the 130 year old diamond company that is the pioneer in the diamond business in the whole world in 2018 has reduced the price of lab grown diamonds to create a considerable price division between natural and man-made diamonds.

‘So why did De Beers do this?’ one may ask. Well, the company felt the need for natural diamonds to be taken more valuable by the consumers for artificial diamonds were getting more popular by the day.

When the consumers understood that they can get better quality for less prices, people began to prefer the stones over natural ones even for important occasions like engagements.

De Beers thought of reducing the price of man-made diamonds so much that the price was reduced from $2400 to $800 per carat. This, the company believed, will make the buyers give more significance to natural diamonds making them choose for auspicious events.

This is the impact that lab created diamonds have made in the last decade.

How is a lab created diamond priced?

A lab grown diamond is priced based on the 4Cs. Check out what they are…

Cut: The most important factor that determines the quality of a synthetic diamond is its cut. The cut gives the diamond its identity. It takes state-of-art technology to make the best cut lab grown diamonds. A cut should not be too deep or too shallow.  Either way, the light reflection would not be optimal. The most important diamond cuts are step, brilliant or mixed.

Clarity: The intensity with which a diamond reflects light is its clarity. The clarity determines the shine which shows how pure the stone is. Any blemish or inclusion can impact the flow of light, thereby reducing its beauty. A well-cut diamond has clarity at its best.

Color: The rare the color is, the more valuable the synthetic diamond would be. In natural diamonds, the color is a slight tint to the original white tone of the diamond. In artificial diamonds, the color can be added with the help of machines. Blue lab created diamond is one of the costliest among the lot as it is similar to the natural blue diamonds that are very rare.

Carat: Carat is the weight of a diamond. It plays only a minimal role in deciding the price of a synthetic diamond. When polished a rough stone (the raw stone taken right from the machine and not worked upon) may lose some of its parts and therefore the weight reduces. Usually, when the price is discussed, it is stated as price per carat. More than carat it is the other three elements that determine the quality of a diamond the most.

Based on perfect standards the diamonds are chiseled to bring out the best.

Being less priced, are lab grown diamonds lower in quality?

Obviously, one may tend to think this is true for why they would cost much less than natural diamonds just because they are made in labs. Well, that is a fact.

When compared to natural diamonds, lab created diamonds comes on the same level or maybe even higher.

This might be difficult for you to believe. Then do read the points below to know why it is so.

They are produced in a controlled environment:

Prior to the starting of the making procedure, the temperature and other conditions for formations are decided and pre-set by the manufacturers. When a diamond gets to take its form inside the sophisticated diamond manufacturing machines, the process happens without any flaws. Rather, it ensures that the diamonds are produced in the best conditions there can be.

They reach maturity without any disruptions:

Natural diamonds undergo different dire situations before they come into man’s hands. Hence, they are often flawed in texture with scratches or marks. The shine of a diamond is determined by how flawless the body is.

Lab created diamonds are made in a safe atmosphere. They are almost like a test tube baby kept in side a very sensitive yet strong environment. The diamonds thus never have to deal with anything that can impact their sharpness or clarity. Hence, they take birth and come out of the machines as perfect stones.

They are flawless and purer than natural diamonds:

Due to the above mentioned reasons, most lab grown diamonds are the synonym for perfection. They come in higher quality than natural diamonds as they are made with clear cut measurements in a perfected atmosphere.

Even when they are priced less, the satisfaction that these gem-quality stones provide is inexplicable. In terms of quality and strength, they are without doubt above natural diamonds.

What about the resale value of lab grown diamonds?

It is a known fact that natural diamonds do not have much resale value. The same goes with lab grown diamonds. You would not be able to resell them at the same price that you have bought them.

Therefore, unlike gold, lab grown diamonds would not fetch you a fortune if you look to sell them after years of usage. They are not therefore the perfect investment. However, they will give you back a handsome amount that you can be satisfied with for immediate monetary needs.

A few factors that you can ensure to get the maximum value for your diamonds are:

Ensure they have certification: Make sure to buy lab grown diamonds that are backed by proper certification. Diamonds with such a guarantee are often considered to be of high quality. Having an authentic, established proof that states the value of the stone can give more value to it. This can help you demand the maximum price at the time of reselling.

The Gemological Institute of America or GIA accepted that the lab grown diamonds are in fact real diamonds in 2007. GIA is only one of the institutes that give certifications for lab grown diamonds. Similarly, there are other established organizations that give certifications such as AGS, HRD, IIG etc.

Observe the market trends: Keep an eye for the changing trends in the diamond market. The prices for lab grown diamonds fluctuate with time. Make sure to sell your artificial diamond when the prices are considerably high. This way, you can ensure that you might be getting the maximum worth for your diamond present at the time.

Choose your diamond carefully: Try to go for lab grown diamonds that are rare in colour or slightly bigger than others. These are the types that retain their value the most. While you look to resell them these particular types can give you a jackpot.

How much does a lab grown diamond cost now?

The beginning price of a synthetic diamond can vary from $900 to $1000 per carat. The price just like for any element can differ from one day to the next. This change is based on the global market movements for these stones.

To conclude

Lab grown diamond manufacturer in India is a lot beneficial since they give you more than what a natural diamond can offer at better prices. Their production involves neither labor nor they do not harm nature in any way during the process. Having only positive elements, these incredible stones should be the most affordable luxury that anyone can have!

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