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Lab Grown Diamonds – The Future of Diamond Industry: Myth or Fact?

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In 2003, a significant development happened in the world of diamonds. The Kimberly process was universally accepted as the method to identify “conflict diamonds”. But, it did not prove to be 100% effective.

Mined diamonds despite being one of the most valuable things on Earth always carried a pinch of guilt with them. The toll of labor, sweat, and energy that goes behind their excavation has resulted in discussions in many international forums. 

With the advent of lab grown diamonds, however, the diamond industry began to see changes both on the supply and demand side. Today, reports say that a major chunk of the diamond purchasers in the world is moving away from natural mined diamonds as they are getting closer to lab grown diamonds.

Why do 70% of the millennials prefer lab grown diamonds today?

The demand for diamonds, especially engagement rings has come up mostly from the younger population. They need special occasions in their life to be validated by the presence of something rare and beautiful, something that stands the test of time.

And due to this reason, conventional diamonds could adorn most of the engagement rings at one time. But today, things have changed. The eco-consciousness of the young age group has proven that it is not just the uniqueness of the beauty of a stone that matters nowadays, but how sustainable they are.

How are lab grown diamonds sustainable?

Lab grown diamonds are born in machines crafted to build stones that are chemically, optically, and physically the same as natural diamonds. 

While natural diamonds take billions of years to form, unconventional diamonds are made by the lab grown diamond manufacturers within three to four weeks.  

There are two methods of production CVD Diamond and HPHT Diamond. Both these create synthetic diamonds that are equal to or even better than natural diamonds. This is because they are made in a safe environment unlike the bowels of the earth where lava and hard substances like rocks impact the quality of natural diamonds as they make their way up to the Earth’s surface.

To know about the two methods of synthetic diamond production, do read –

The vast difference in the energy consumption of mining and making a diamond above ground is another factor that makes the present a good time for lab grown diamond sellers and lab grown diamond wholesalers

Diamond Foundry, a San Francisco-based producer of man-made diamond conducted research on energy consumption that happens as a part of mining and making diamonds artificially. The results clearly show that mining takes almost an entire factor more energy than making. 

And this becomes a bit more critical when we talk about energy resource. Diesel is used for mining while the lab grown diamonds can be made with the aid of renewable resources. How does that sound?

In addition to this, the potential pollution of water bodies due to the sulfide presence of the rocks left after mining is an issue that has been discussed over and over but has found no solution till now.

Moreover, the land is harmed so much unlike any other activity. To get a naturally made stone, tonnes of soil need to be dug out. This affects the ecosystem severely. Deforestation leads to soil erosion and many other ecological problems.

The dangerous working conditions have led to accidents that have taken the lives of thousands of workers. It becomes even more saddening to know that in some places children are also made.

The downside of mining does not end here. And this is exactly why lab grown diamonds are considered to be the stars of the future. 

People are becoming more and more conscious about their responsibilities as global citizens. And the younger generation is looking for products that give them not outward satisfaction, but the contentment of using something eco-friendly and guilt-free. Slowly, this will take over all age groups given how the world is needed for good care from its inhabitants. Making them even more attractive is how budget-friendly they are. They cost 30% less than mined diamonds.

And this is why lab grown diamond wholesalers and lab grown diamonds suppliers are finding their business booming over the past few years. If you go to buy lab grown diamonds in India, you will find that the market is rich with lab grown diamond manufacturers and the competition is pretty high. The synthetic diamonds from India are getting world attention and the graph will only rise in the future.


The years to come are definitely showing a green signal for lab-grown diamonds. With time, these diamonds will take over the natural diamonds. Even the famous natural diamond sellers have acknowledged how the sale of mined diamonds has reduced since the lab grown diamonds have proven their worth. If you want to travel with time, then do check out our excellent quality lab grown diamond jewellery collections and place an order today!

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