Why Should I Choose CVD Diamonds Over Others?

Why Should I Choose CVD Diamonds Over Others?

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CVD diamonds are not just synthetic diamonds. They are much more. The immense capability of CVD diamonds to light up your eyes and mind the moment you lay eyes on them is just one way of describing their specialty. 

CVD diamonds in India are very popular in the world in terms of their quality and purity.

This incredible invention of man has a lot under its umbrella. The benefits they have over natural and other artificial diamonds are numerous. And this blog is going to tell you what these advantages are.

They are the purest form of diamonds.

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition is a method in which a thin diamond seed is put inside a chamber which is later filled with a carbon-rich gas. At high temperatures, a microwave beam passes through the gas disintegrating its molecules. 

The molecules then coat the diamond seed, making the diamond seed grow in size. This process is called crystallization. In a few weeks, the formation will be completed. When it’s finished, the diamond is taken out in its raw form.

Lab grown diamond manufacturers have constantly experimented with the method of production of CVD diamonds. 

In the past few decades, they began to use Type 1 diamond seeds to improve the color of the diamond that is produced.

Type 2 is the purest form of diamond in the world. Hence, something that develops from the seed of the same will be pure as well. This makes CVD diamonds more special than HPHT lab grown diamonds.

In fact, there are lab grown diamond manufacturers who claim that their CVD diamonds come in the same league as Koh-I-Noor.

They are flawless than their counterparts.

The process is simple and does not carry the diamond seed through different difficult stages like natural diamonds. Once placed inside the chamber it stays there when crystallization happens. 

The diamond takes birth in a pretty safe environment without even moving an inch. Unlike natural diamonds that travel distances before reaching the human hands, CVD diamonds are made with ultra care.

And what does this imply?

They have a minimal set of strains, impurities, and inclusions; that they are one of the purest gems you can find. 

They are whiter and brighter than other diamonds.

As strains or marks on them are very few, the reflection of light will be unhindered. The path of light from the outside to inside and back will be perfect and the shine will make you feel overwhelmed.

They are whiter and brighter than natural diamonds and HPHT lab grown diamonds, making them the best choice for adorning an engagement ring!

They are produced with inexpensive equipment and therefore cost less.

This is an advantage for the lab grown diamond manufacturers. You can imagine how sophisticated a machine should be to recreate something in a few weeks that is naturally formed taking decades. 

The equipment and the procedure might therefore incur a pretty high cost for the manufacture. But when compared to HPHT lab grown diamonds, CVD diamond manufacturing requires a less intensive environment.

The temperature and pressure for CVD diamond production are comparatively less. The machines used are not expensive as compared to the ones used for HPHT lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamond suppliers and lab grown diamonds wholesalers thus find CVD diamond manufacturing more preferable.

This gets reflected in the market price rendering them almost 30-50% less priced than their natural counterparts. 

You, as a buyer are therefore getting immensely lucky here!

They come in a range of shades.

By default, CVD diamonds take a brownish hue. But with improvements in technology and innovations made, the brownish tinge is prevented giving colorless crystals. 

Colorless CVD diamonds are suitable to adorn rings or other pieces of jewelry due to their extraordinary aura.

But CVD diamonds give you even more incredible options. 

By supplying boron or nitrogen into the chamber, the colorless CVD diamonds can be transformed into blue or yellow ones.

Blue diamonds whether mined or not make beautiful adornments in jewelry pieces. But the mined ones are highly-priced as they are extremely rare. 

CVD diamonds are therefore better substitutes to natural colored diamonds. They cost less yet give you a wide variety of options.


CVD diamonds are beneficial in many ways. They give you better than what you are looking for at affordable rates. To know how pure and satisfying, they are, you need to see and explore them in person. We are ready to help you with that. Our amazing collection of CVD diamonds is waiting for you here. All you have to do is request a call and we will get in touch with you today!

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